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About Us

HR-Assistant is a brand and product owned by Business Web Apps Ltd. Business Web Apps Ltd has created HR-Assistant because it is a software house dedicated to the development of efficient solutions for SMEs; a software house born in London in order to operate at European level and to always acquire the most advanced skills and technologies.

A software house with head, office and operations in Italy. A team that is flexible with regard to the requests of companies, able to quickly create customizations or custom developments. A software house able to create any solution for any need, without requiring outlays not compatible with the typical budgets of SMEs.

HR-Assistant is a professional, modular, integrable and complete solution for all personnel management problems and needs of SMEs.

We are the only software house that provides companies with a 30-day free HR management software that can actually be used with all their employees’ data, while also providing all the necessary training and support… at no cost. Not a demo, but the actual use of the software for a whole month, in all its features and without any commitment.

For more information, an interview, a demo or to activate the free trial without obligation, call 800 72 12 93 or click here now


Our Mission is to help companies of any size to be more competitive, providing innovative cloud software solutions aimed at greater management efficiency as well as improving communication and information sharing. These solutions can now be offered at costs unthinkable only a few years ago and are a great opportunity to introduce organizational innovation in the field of small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Amazon Web Services

We have chosen Amazon Web Services as the cloud infrastructure provider for our software solutions since the beginning of our business and are part of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN) where we have been recognized as a Standard Partner.


We have chosen as partner for recruitment solutions the French company Inasoft, supplier of the Gestmax platform, of which we are resellers for the Italian market and with which we collaborate to integrate the respective platforms.


We collaborate with the company Softdoit for the marketing of solutions dedicated to human resources management.

They say about us

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Maximum professionalism and availability to make the product offered optimal!
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...just for the kindness, honesty, modesty and patience of the operators, this company should be chosen. Preparation from 5 stars!
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Fast in responses and always polite. The program works well.

Il nostro team


Arthur Douglas

Head of Marketing

Wayne Thompson

On Site Manager

Isaiah Schmidt

Customer Relationship Manager

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L’unico software gestionale HR che viene concesso gratuitamente per 30 giorni, per testarlo realmente con tutti i dati dei tuoi dipendenti e con tutta la formazione ed il supporto necessario… a costo zero!”

Per ulteriori informazioni, per richiedere una demo o per l’attivazione della prova gratuita, lascia qui sotto i tuoi dati, senza alcun impegno, e ti contatteremo prima possibile.