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Attendance detection and online Timestamps

Simple and flexible time recording

HR-Assistant’s Time and Attendance module makes a very complex task seem simple, as it has to be adapted to the most diverse needs of the client company. We have created software that is highly configurable in terms of working hours, shifts, contracts, overtime management, types of clocking terminals and payroll software.

The Time and Attendance module includes time and attendance, holiday and leave and is integrated with the overtime module and the reporting module. It enables complete and automated management of employee attendance, from time recording to data export to payroll software.

It can be integrated with different ways of collecting time stamps: time and attendance detectors, stamping from the HR-Assistant App, or from the QR Code generated by the HR Management module and downloadable to any smartphone.

Timestamps from HR-Assistant App

An innovative solution, which does away with the old terminals and allows employees to clock in and out even at remote or temporary locations, is clocking in and out via an app installed on their smartphone. Thanks to geo-localisation, the system can associate the time stamp with the employee’s place of work, retaining only the data relating to that place of work, and the date and time to which the time stamp refers, in accordance with the indications of the Garante della Privacy regarding the “Processing of personal data of employees through the localisation of smartphone devices for the purpose of recording attendance”.

Stamping is associated with the many system access functions that can be carried out via the App, allowing all employees to use the HR-Assistant functions from anywhere.

Timestamps with QR Code

HR-Assistant also allows clocking in via QR-Code. There are companies that do not have a traditional time attendance device but the administration prefers to clock in locally and not via an app. In cases like these, employees can clock in simply by uploading their QR-Code onto a phone or tablet. This will be recognised by the system via a laptop or other reading device within the company.

timbratura da app

Timestamps from attendance detection terminals

The HR-Assistant Time and Attendance module can integrate with traditional or new generation biometric time and attendance terminals, importing data into the cloud for time and attendance processing.

Control automation

HR-Assistant’s time and attendance module can be configured with the different types of employment contracts, schedules and shifts. It is therefore able to check the consistency of staff time stamps with the working hours assigned to each employee and also takes into account the various types of absence possible. Sicknesses, holidays and leaves of absence therefore appear automatically on the employee’s timesheet.

Autonomous management of stamping anomalies

It can happen that you forget to clock in and out, especially if you clock in and out, or even four times a day, including lunch breaks. Time and attendance software notifies employees by email of any anomalies in attendance or clocking in and allows them to enter the appropriate receipts. Employees are able to check their attendance data at any time to ensure that it matches up.

Attendance control

The manager can check the attendance data of all employees at any time in order to identify any problems. He or she can intervene to deal with special cases by modifying the data generated by the attendance software, for example to convert excess hours into overtime if the employee is not pre-authorised for overtime.

In addition, in the event of an evacuation test or a real emergency, it is possible to easily identify those present in the company in order to carry out the necessary safety checks.

The attendance management module also makes it possible to plan attendance at headquarters when part of the weekly activities are carried out in smart working mode. Each employee has the possibility to inform and be informed through an interactive calendar about the presences in the workplace, both to schedule meetings and to avoid excessive crowding.

Integration with payroll software

The ability to export attendance data to payroll software is a key feature of a time and attendance system.

HR-Assistant’s Time and Attendance module allows you to export your data to the payroll software used by the client company. The system can be adapted to any payroll software as the data path is configurable.

Simplifying attendance detection

You can easily manage your employees' attendance in a complete and automated way, from clocking in and out to exporting the data to your payroll software.

Various stamping modes

Stamping can be carried out using various methods: time recording, virtual stamping with the HR-Assistant App, personal QR Code.

Automatic attendance control

You can accurately check attendance at your place of work. Any anomalies will be handled automatically by the system. Smart working scheduling becomes easy and can be managed independently by staff.

Exporting data for payslips

The system adapts to any payroll software. You can easily export the data for transfer to the labour consultant.