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Computer software
company New Amuser
Srl was able to
organize in a very
efficient way the
management of human
resources to improve
control, reduce
overhead and optimize
the information access
with the help of
Business Web Apps

New Amuser srl

The Company

New Amuser Srl was founded in 2010. The company line of business includes designing, developing, and producing prepackaged computer software.

 The Problem

The company had about 100 employees in two distant locations. Work organization and corporate culture differed considerably between the two locations, and even at the same location there were differences in work contracts and working hours due to the history of the company which went through successive incorporations of business units. Before using HR-Assistant, the information about the staff was dispersed on a variety of paper documents, excel files, emails, old proprietary databases, without any communication between them. The employee management activities were split among several people, who also had other duties, and even an external consulting firm. Information sharing was virtually absent. Information was often duplicated, as each person had created his own excel spreadsheet to manage their specific task and updated it based on info collected from phone calls or emails, which of course became obsolete over time. Errors were very frequent and quite difficult to detect and manage due to the dispersion and disorganization of information. At best, it took time and considerable effort to resolve them.

One of the most critical activities was the management of absences and the verification of the beginning and end of working hours of employees. This was due to the fact that the company had to manage several different contracts and working hours for different categories of employees and locations. In particular, the employees were not very careful in clocking in and out correctly. Therefore, attendance management was a rather complex task that required time and effort. Errors were frequent and the human resources staff was forced to waste a lot of time interacting with employees just to correct anomalies.

There were also recurring problems with payrolls as the employees were making mistakes in reporting monthly specific data such as travel expenses, absences, payment of overtime. When this occurred, it was necessary to dig into paper archives or emails to find the data and then checking the correctness of the information sent to the payroll office.

It was also particularly difficult to report the hours worked by employees on projects because some of them were reluctant to do so and systematically failed to complete the timesheets on time. It was also common to find inconsistencies in the hours reported, so that the report had to be sent back to the employee to correct the errors.

The solution

HR-Assistant has been up and running successfully for New Amuser since 2013 and has had a huge impact on the efficiency and consistency of HR processes.

All the information dispersed on different sources and media was introduced in the employee database. This was also an opportunity to create homogeneity and fill gaps in the available information.

The traditional paper forms that employees used to request holidays, permissions, travels, overtime payment and so on were replaced by electronic forms and an automated process has been put in place to collect authorizations online and send notifications.

Attendance management has been greatly simplified thanks to automated checks and the possibility for employees to correct errors independently following notifications sent to them by the system. Interventions were limited to a few specific cases, e.g. employee illness, or the attendance management of managers or other staff working for the customer. The system automatically produced all the variable data to be sent to the payroll office and thus a good amount of time was saved and errors greatly reduced.

A simple and effective procedure for reporting working hours has also been put in place. The entire process was managed by the system, which sent reminders via email to staff near the deadline for reporting. If necessary, additional reminders were sent to the employee and at the same time notification was sent to his boss to meet the deadlines. The number of errors has been significantly reduced thanks to automatic consistency checks when entering data. Another big advantage for executives came from the analyses and reports available through the system. In particular, automatic reports could be used by managers to control project productivity and progress.

The project collected also information in order to measure the economic impact of HR-Assistant on the Human Resources management.


The overall impact of HR-Assistant was impressive. Paper quickly disappeared from HR desks, thousands of hours of staff work were saved thanks to the automation of almost all processes, access to information was simplified and the overall improvement in quality was remarkable.

Based on the results obtained for a period of over 2 years, it was estimated that HR-Assistant has saved more than 80% of the time for attendance checking only.

While three full-time internal employees and one payroll officer were required to perform all HR tasks prior to the introduction of the system, only one employee was sufficient to perform all the work after the software solution was introduced. The HR Manager was able to free up time from employee management activities and focus on taking care of staff, improving training, internal communication and motivation.

Thanks to the analytics and reporting, a significant optimization of travel expenses could be achieved.

The HR department was able to present timely and accurate information about employee costs and productivity at every top management meeting.

The quality of HR processes greatly improved as proven by the excellent evaluations obtained during ISO9001 inspections.

The overall economic impact of introducing the system was estimated in the order of € 50,000.


We are grateful to New Amuser for what we have learned by working with them. The difficult problems we faced to build an adequate response to their needs stimulated us to find effective solutions to propose to other customers. We learned a lot from the field work, observing the real problems that needed to be managed, studying the users’ behavior and analyzing the impact of the solution on the organization.

This crucial experience gave us the momentum and motivation to further develop our product and business.

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