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Employee Self Service

Employee self service can save a lot of time

The employee self-service module integrated in HR-Assistant allows you to greatly reduce the time and cost of handling paper forms. For example, you can upload slips, holiday requests, travel requests and salary slips, improving efficiency and speeding up decision-making.

Through the online notifications sent by the system and the automatic checks it performs, the quality of processes is improved and errors are reduced.

It can also:

  • Reduce repetitive activities of HR staff, who can focus on more value-added activities such as training, selection and motivation of staff.
  • Speed up processes and help keep them under control
  • Create greater information sharing
  • Keep staff data secure
  • Have the convenience of being able to manage all HR activities in one system, saving time and improving effectiveness.

Centralising documents in the cloud improves communication and information sharing

You can enter documents of any type (word, pdf, excel, etc.) into the system thanks to the integrated document management module at no extra cost. In addition, you can then quickly find them thanks to the search engine. You can also define access permissions, e.g. to give employees access to documents concerning them, such as performance appraisals, resumes, assigned objectives, pay slips, etc. You can also create shared documents for groups of employees or managers to facilitate information sharing.

Supports employees

HR-Assistant allows employees to quickly and easily manage all their HR-related needs, without having to move from their workstation and even if they are outside of their workplace. In fact, every employee can always check the status of his or her files and access the information that concerns him or her.

Facilitates management

HR-Assistant helps managers to manage and control the allocation of resources. In addition, it is easy to keep track of project costs, manage the competencies of their employees and view their staff's attendance and absence schedules or company events in the calendar. Finally, they can quickly authorise leave requests from their employees.

Improves the quality of processes

The HR manager can face quality inspection visits with confidence, because with HR-Assistant he can demonstrate that he has full control over processes and personnel data. The system helps him to answer any questions instantly and also allows him to consult historical data.

Ensures data and access security

Data is secure on redundant architectures and protected with the latest technology. Information travels over the network in encrypted form, just as it does when accessing your bank account. In addition, the system ensures that databases are constantly backed up and that access passwords are changed frequently.

Usable from any device

You can use HR-Assistant from any device, PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone. A specific app is also available for download from Google or Apple Store.

Facilitates communication and information sharing

Each user of the system can access the data and procedures for which they are responsible according to their role in the company. In addition, employees belonging to the same team can see their colleagues' presence and absence on the calendar, in order to facilitate work organisation and proactively manage any critical issues. They can also access documents shared within the team at any time and from anywhere.