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Employee Self Service

All the advantages of a modern solution in the Cloud

Improving communication and information sharing are primary concerns for any business or organization. To this end, HR-Assistant offers the latest Cloud technologies, in order to allow you to provide your staff with a safe and effective self service system, available 24/7 from any terminal connected to the Internet.

HR-Assistant not only makes it easier to keep information up to date, as all employees in the company contribute to this goal, but the quality of processes is also improved and errors are reduced thanks to the online notifications sent by the system and the automatic checks that it is able to perform

In addition you can:

  • Reduce the administrative burden on HR staff freeing up energy that can be used for activities with a high strategic content
  • Speed up the processes
  • Improve information sharing
  • Keep all staff data safe
  • Manage all staff activities with a single system, saving time and improving efficiency.

The centralization of documents in the Cloud allows you to improve communication and information sharing

Through the integrated document management module and without additional costs, you can insert documents of any type (word, pdf, excel, etc..) in the system that you can then quickly find thanks to the search engine.
You can define the access permissions, for example to allow employees to access documents that concern them, such as performance evaluations, curriculum, assigned objectives, payslips etc.. You can also create shared documents for employee groups or managers, making it easy to share information.

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