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Employee Self Service

All the advantages of a modern solution in Cloud

Improving communication and information sharing are primary concerns for any business or organization. To this end, HR-Assistant offers the latest Cloud technologies, in order to allow you to provide to the staff of your company a safe and effective self service system, usable 24/7 from any terminal connected to the Internet.

With HR-Assistant you can get not only a great help in keeping the information up to date thanks to the contribution of all employees, but also a significant improvement in the quality of HR processes with the support of online notifications and finally a reduction of errors, due to automatic consistency checks that the system carries out in the background.

Furthermore you can:

  • Reduce HR administrative tasks freeing energies that can be used for activities highly strategic for the company
  • Speed up the processes
  • Improve information sharing
  • Keep safe all staff data
  • Manage all the activities of the staff with a single system, saving time and improving efficiency.

The centralization of documents in the Cloud allows you to improve communication and information sharing

Through the integrated document management module, and at no additional cost, you can upload documents in the system of any type (word, pdf, excel, etc.) which you can then track down quickly thanks to the search engine.
You can define access permissions, for example to allow the employee to access documents concerning them, as well as performance assessments, curricula, assigned objectives, slip, etc .. You can also create shared documents for groups of employees or managers easing information sharing.