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About us

HR-Assistant is a trademark is a trademark and product owned by Business Web Apps Ltd, a company with registered office in London and operational headquarters in Italy, in the province of Turin. It specializes in web-based software solutions for human resources management.

The more than twenty years of experience of the founder both in the Information Technology sector and in the Human Resources Management and the use of the most modern technologies have allowed the company to specialize in the implementation of HRM (Human Resources Management) solutions in cloud.

HR-Assistant has been developed and tested in the field for a period of about 3 years with excellent results especially in terms of saving time and resources. Based on our experience we can say that the savings resulting from the adoption of HR-Assistant is very significant for every type and size of company.

HR-Assistant facilitates access to information, monitoring of processes and optimization of processing times allowing you to broaden the horizons and free energy of the HR function for more useful and significant interventions such as work engagement, training and development of human resources, recruitment.


Our Mission is to help companies of all sizes to be more competitive by providing innovative software solutions in the cloud aimed at greater management efficiency as well as improving communication and information sharing. These solutions can now be offered at costs unthinkable only a few years ago and are a great opportunity to introduce organizational innovation in the sector in small and medium enterprises.


Amazon Web Services – We have chosen Amazon Web Services as our cloud infrastructure provider for our software solutions since the beginning of our business and are part of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN) where we have been recognized as a Standard Partner.

Inasoft – We have chosen as partner for the recruitment solutions the French company Inasoft, supplier of the Gestmax platform of which we are resellers for the Italian market and with which we collaborate to integrate the respective platforms. 

Softdoit – We collaborate with Softdoit company for marketing solutions aimed at human resources management.

About us

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