Work attendance software automates controls
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Attendance management

Simple and flexible attendance checking

 The HR-Assistant Attendance module makes an activity that is actually very complex seem simple, as it has to adapt to the most diverse needs of the client company. We have created a highly configurable software in terms of working hours, shifts, contracts, overtime management, types of attendance terminals and payroll software.

The Attendance module includes clocking, holidays and leaves and is integrated with the Overtime module.

It allows a complete and automated management of employee attendance, from the attendance registration, to the export of data to the payroll software.


integration with payroll software
stamping device and smartphone

Traditional attendance terminals

HR-Assistant is able to communicate with traditional attendance terminals by importing their data into the cloud for attendance processing.

Web clocking

An innovative solution, which eliminates old terminals and allows clocking even in remote or temporary locations, is clocking from the web. Thanks to the geo-localization it is possible to certify the attendance data on line. The attendance software can show the point on the map from which the entry was made and the distance from the place of work. Online clocking is available from any device capable of web browsing (smartphones, PCs, tablets etc).

Automation of controls

HR-Assistant is able to verify the consistency of the timestamps made by the staff with the working hours assigned to them, also integrating the data of holidays and leaves. Diseases, holidays and leaves then automatically appear in the employee’s timesheet.

The staff can manage anomalies autonomously

The attendance management software notifies the employees via email of any anomalies of attendance or timestamp and allows them to enter the appropriate justifications. Employees can check their attendance data at any time and verify that they are correct.

Attendance checking

The manager can check the attendance data of all employees at any time to identify problems. He has the ability to intervene to handle special cases by modifying the data generated by the time management software, for example to convert extra hours into overtime if the employee is not pre-authorized to overtime. 

attendance verification module
notification of attendance anomalies

Integration with payroll software

The ability to export attendance data to the payroll processing software is a key feature for a time attendance system. HR-Assistant allows you to export your data to the payroll software used by your company. The system is able to adapt to any payroll software as the data structure is configurable.