Employees management software
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Employee management

Here you can find quickly and easily all the latest information, from personal data to employment details, position in the organization chart, task, working hours, education and training, performance evaluations, assessments, data on salary, benefits and much more.


You can produce reports in a simple and effective way, by choosing among the many predefined types that HR-Assistant offers. Charts allow you to immediately highlight any problem and produce professional presentations with ease.

Export of data in different formats

The whole set of employee data or a subset can be exported in various formats (Excel, PDF, etc.) for off-line use and integration with other data.

Employee data management features

History of employee data

HR-Assistant allows to keep track of the full history of all the staff data, in order to reconstruct the work history of the employee and track changes that have occurred over time, in relation for example to salary, benefits, the position in the organization chart, the contract status, training, skills, etc .. The historical data can be used to build analytical reports and charts.

The centralization of documents in the cloud allows you to improve communication and information sharing

Through the integrated document management module, and at no additional cost, you can upload documents in the system of any type (word, pdf, excel, etc.) which you can then track down quickly thanks to the search engine.
You can define access permissions, for example to allow the employee to access documents concerning them, as well as performance assessments, curricula, assigned objectives, payslip, etc .. You can also create shared documents for groups of employees or managers easing information sharing.

organization chart

Organization chart

Keeping the organization chart updated requires a significant amount of time. With HR-Assistant this is no longer a problem, because the organization chart is automatically displayed based on the data existing in the system.

If an employee is moved to a different structure, it is sufficient to specify his new manager and HR-Assistant does the rest.

Adding or changing structures is quick and easy. This way you can save a lot of time and the quality of your presentations improves considerably.

Timetable with deadlines alert

To keep track of any deadline or appointment with weekly, monthly or annual recurrence. Detailed description of deadlines with date and time of appointment. Possibility to specify how many days in advance you want to be notified. The notification is sent by email to a recipient and a second cc address. You do not need to remember email addresses because the system allows you to select recipients from a list.

Performance evaluation talk
performance evaluation process

Personal equipment

It allows you to keep track of the personal protective equipment (PPE) assigned to employees, especially if the employee changed job or work environment, in order to ensure that it complies with legal requirements at all times. The module can also be used to keep track of other material assigned to the employee such as company mobile phone, computer equipment etc. in order to manage obsolescence.

Integrated chat

If you decide to allow access, employees have a chat for private and public conversations integrated into the system. This allows employees to talk to each other quickly without having to use an external system and without having to share their phone number.

HR can maintain control by acting as moderators and blocking certain users, as the chat includes an access and spam control system. You can create channels for specific user groups, add images, change your preferences and much more.

integrated chat