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Employee Self Service

Employee self-service saves time

The employee self-service module integrated into HR-Assistant allows you to significantly reduce the time and cost of managing paper forms. For example, you can upload receipts, vacation requests, travel requests and payrolls, improving efficiency and speed of decision making.

With HR-Assistant, not only is it easier to keep the information up to date, because all the company’s employees contribute to this goal, but through the online notifications sent by the system and the automatic controls it can carry out, the quality of the process and errors are reduced.

In addition:

  • The administrative tasks of human resources personnel are reduced, freeing energy that can be used for activities with a high strategic content for the company
  • Processes are accelerated by helping to keep them under control
  • A better exchange of information is created
  • Staff data is kept secure
  • You get the comfort of being able to manage all staff activities with a single system, saving time and improving effectiveness.

Centralizing documents in the cloud helps improve communication and information exchange

Through the integrated document management module and without additional costs, you can insert documents of any type into the system (word, pdf, excel, etc.) that you can quickly find thanks to the search engine. You can define access permissions, for example, to allow the employees to access documents related to them, such as performance evaluations, curriculum, assigned objectives, payroll, etc.. You can also create shared documents for groups of employees or managers, which facilitates the task of exchanging information.

Additional information

Supports the employees

HR-Assistant allows employees to quickly and easily manage all of their human resource needs, without having to leave their workstations or even if they are away from their workplace. Each employee can always check the status of their files and access information about them.

Simplifies management

Managers will find a Human Resources Assistant to help them manage and control resource allocation. It’s also easy to keep project costs under control, manage your employees’ skills, and view staff attendance and scheduled absences or company events on the calendar. Finally, they can quickly authorize employee leave requests.

Improves the process quality

With HR-Assistant you can demonstrate to any quality inspector that you have complete control over your processes and personnel data. The system helps you answering any question instantly and also allows you to consult historical data.

Guarantees data and access safety

Data is safe on redundant architectures and protected with the most advanced technologies. The information travels over the network in encrypted form like when you access your bank account. In addition, the system ensures that databases are constantly backed up and passwords are changed frequently.

Can be used from any device

You can use HR-Assistant from any device, PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone. A specific application is also available to download from the Google or Apple Store.

Facilitates communication and information sharing

Each user of the system can access the data and procedures of his competence according to the role he has in the company. In addition, employees belonging to the same team can check the presence and absence of colleagues on the calendar, in order to facilitate the organization of work and proactively manage any critical issues, or access documents shared within the team.