Employee shift scheduling: from the problem to the solution
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In recent months, public attention has focused more than in the past on the operation of hospitals, clinics, care centres. The current coronavirus pandemic has put all facilities dealing with collective health under great strain, with sometimes unsustainable increases in shift work. Employee shift scheduling has become particularly complex, with a high number of variables. Nurses and doctors have faced the emergency with courage, often going far beyond their normal working hours. Unfortunately, exposure to contagion has put several health workers out of work, resulting in reduced human resources and rescheduling of work hours. In a number of cases, health workers have had to work long shifts, and new or recently graduated doctors have had to deal with critical situations that are totally new to them.

programmazione turni di lavoro

The emergency has made it more difficult to organize medical care. But even under normal conditions, the different variables that influence shift schedules give those responsible a headache. In addition, in winter there are absences due to illness, summer holidays, leaves  throughout the year for various reasons. Organizational management should be based on a schedule of shifts for nurses and doctors, which helps to take all elements into account.

Finding the right employee shift scheduling solution for the situation

The need for a shift management program extends to a myriad of other fields. One of the most critical is certainly the school schedule. Variables range from teaching needs (how many hours in a row of the same discipline can a student “endure”? Can a subject be scheduled in class in two hours?) to the number of days teachers work each week. There are also teachers who work in two or three schools, and those who have more.

Here too, planning class councils and surveys requires attention and many hours of work, especially if it has to be done by trial and error.

What about other 24-hour activities? Taxi services, motorway tolls, power stations, telephone, etc. Shift work schedules may include 4, 6, 8, even 12-hour hours, with restrictions on daily and weekly rest. And the organization may be at risk because of leave and holidays.

Characteristics of a scheduling software

A shift scheduling software can be quite limited: it can simply provide assistance to the person in charge, for example, by reporting errors and inconsistencies. But the complexity of constraints in many areas puts algorithms in crisis. For example, in school schedules, it is often necessary to intervene manually so that students do not have to take four hours of Italian in the same day, or that a teacher does not have six consecutive hours of classes one morning and only one the next morning.

A valid subsidy for scheduling shifts is therefore an absolute necessity. Especially if it supports multiple restrictions, if it can develop optimal solutions, if it can better satisfy shift management.

In addition to the HR-Assistant suite, the product Shift-Assistant has been developed, the new shift scheduler specifically designed to meet all requirements. Being a cloud solution, it allows access from any computer and also has a shift app that can be accessed via a smartphone. It is also a dynamic solution, which can integrate specific constraints and customised needs.

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