Holidays and leaves management with HR-Assistant
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Management of holidays and leaves

Manage holidays and leave easily and efficiently

With HR-Assistant’s Holidays and Leave module you can simplify your holiday and leave requests, approvals, receipts and holiday plans. Forget the confusion of emails, phone calls, paper forms and impromptu conversations. The entire communication process is simplified and follows a configurable workflow involving the department head and other managers. And with the application, forwarding and authorizing requests is even easier and faster


Updated residues and holiday planning

Both the employee and the managers can view the accrual of the holidays, i.e. the hours due, accrued and enjoyed during the year for each type of holiday. This helps to plan their use throughout the year, facilitating the sharing of information between employees and managers on individual holiday plans.

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Display of the calendar of absences and requests for leave

The calendar shows all the leaves and holidays requested by the employees. Employees can also be enabled to view their team’s absence calendar in order to be able to check for any critical issues. Other types of events, such as training courses and meetings, can also be shown on the calendar.

Holiday plan

It’s a good idea to plan vacations for all staff to prevent them from being postponed to the following year and also avoid too many employees taking vacations at the same time. The traditional solution is to create a holiday calendar in an Excel sheet by collecting the data agreed between managers and employees. In addition to wasting time, there is also the risk of errors in the transcription of the data collected. In addition, the HR must decide whether the vacation plan obtained is compatible with the needs of the company. Employees also do not know whether what they have requested at the departmental level will be approved.

The HR-Assistant holiday plan tool overcomes all these problems by allowing all employees to record their preferences on a shared online calendar. Problems are quickly identified and resolved at the team level because everyone has visibility into the data. This makes it easy to manage all periods of scheduled absence, including parental and matrimonial leave. Once the different requests have been approved, the calendar can be approved by the administrator.


Graphic dashboards and Reports Analytics allow you to monitor a wide range of indicators of absence, from absence related to employee illness, monthly and weekly trends, and to detect missing medical certificates or other missing documentation. The analysis and management of absences will become simpler and more accurate. Managers also have similar reports for their team and can proactively manage their employees’ absence calendars.

  • Monthly report of absences
  • Holidays not taken in previous years
  • Charts to highlight the overall picture
  • Calculation of meal vouchers based on days of attendance
  • Historical data about holidays and leaves
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Statistics reports

You can create tabular or graphical reports in an instant using the templates already present. The data can also be exported in excel format.

Faster authorization processes

Requesting and authorising leaves online is simpler and quicker. Communication is more efficient and secure thanks to e-mail notifications sent by the system.

Holiday planning tool

Allows you to create and share a vacation plan quickly and efficiently. Improves communication between employees and managers.

Simplification and transparency

Forget the confusion generated by email, phone calls, paper forms and impromptu conversations and manage the entire request and approval cycle through a simple and efficient workflow

App for holidays and leaves

Allows you to manage requests and permissions for holidays and leaves at any time and from anywhere even in the absence of data connection.

Shared absence calendar

The shared calendar helps you plan holidays and leaves, training courses and other events. You can also define scheduled company closures.