Why use holiday management software to create your holiday calendar
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Vacations are coming to an end, schools are starting to reopen (as well as they can), beaches with umbrellas (maybe) spaced out and anti-Covid security measures are being emptied, most Italians are returning from places, mostly national, where they spent their vacations. The doubts and fears about the autumn, particularly from a health point of view, create an extra reason for regret, in addition to the usual ones of returning from holidays.

But Christmas is far away, it will be quite a while before the next “long” holidays…

Holiday planning cannot be neglected

So why talk about it now that you’re coming home? Wouldn’t it be better to wait for the first rays of spring, the days that are getting longer, that warm air that makes you think of summer?

In fact, if the company where you work does not have to stay open every day of the year, if everyone can decide at the last minute when and where to go on holiday, there is no reason to anticipate the planning. But when production cannot be stopped, when availability must always be guaranteed, in short in all those cases where activities do not stop, employee holiday planning is essential. At Christmas and New Year’s Eve, it is often the case that the company is closed down. Holiday planning for a few days is not difficult, but the holiday plan can become a battleground when it comes to July and August. It is not just a matter of preferring one month to another, but of reconciling the holiday with family needs, the school holidays of the children and the partner’s leave.

The most common system sees the HR manager or his secretary collecting data from other calendars agreed between managers and employees in an excel spreadsheet holiday calendar, usually in a joint meeting. Such a system is likely to generate errors, to drag on for a long time, and ultimately results in an overall prospectus that requires subsequent application and approval.

Holiday management software helps you find the best solution

All this can be simplified with online holiday software, such as the one offered by HR-Assistant (for more information: Holidays and leaves). The holiday calendar is shared, accessible in the cloud. The HR manager defines it, setting the necessary constraints, and everyone can introduce their preferences.

There is no risk of incorrect transcriptions, as everyone checks their request, the decision is shared and transparent, and the holidays are pre-approved if compatible with the company’s needs. If not, it is easy to look for an adjustment, without the need for a meeting, as changes can be made from any company location or even from home. And if something sudden happens, an illness or other type of emergency requiring changes, the necessary changes can be made. If the holiday plan is clear, shared and accessible, it is also easier to highlight the amount of holiday leave remaining for each employee and plan for use during the year, establish common meetings and activities or create reports from which any cases of absenteeism emerge.

Finally, we know that some people take up to the last minute leave of absence, while others, for various reasons, accumulate from one year to the next untaken holiday. A holiday software of this type makes it easier to control the situation and avoid creating a “debt” for the company towards the workers: if they were to resign, it would constitute a sometimes not insignificant passive voice.

In conclusion, we are going home, but why not already plan the next holidays?