HR Budget and staff cost calculation with HR-Assistant
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HR Budget

Personnel costs are the sum of many different factors

The calculation of the budget to be considered for the cost of the company staff is a complex and difficult subject, but no company can afford not to estimate it in any way. A solution often used is to create and constantly maintain an excel sheet with many variables and data for each employee. In this way, there is certainly a risk of making a superficial, inaccurate or extremely time-consuming assessment. Just think that for each employee strictly speaking you should consider, in addition to the simple monthly gross, the various contributions to be paid by the company, the extra months, any maternity leave and early resignation, etc.. The total cost of the company also includes the cost of cars, meals, welfare and equipment assigned to the employee, training courses and hours, travel reimbursements and expense reports, etc.. 

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There is a simple solution for calculating the HR costs

HR-Assistant is a 360-degree human resources management portal, on which data relating to personnel, travel, training, etc. are continuously generated and updated. It is therefore the simplest solution for an automatic calculation system of staff budgets, since the information is usually already available for the system. It is also possible to upload the payrolls month by month automatically so that the final balance can be accurately compared with the budget.

In this way you get immediate and accurate results without having to waste time in low value-added activities such as data entry and manual calculations.

Configurable cost scenarios

The staff budget module has been designed to be as flexible and configurable as possible and meet the most diverse needs. For this reason, during the creation of the budget scenarios, it is possible to define different calculation hypotheses, for example on new hires and on the staff turnover rate, and pre-set budgets for the various items. It is also possible to freely choose the employees to be taken into account in the calculation according to the various company structures and locations and to define alarm thresholds for each type of cost.

With the budget module, the company’s cost of human resources is no longer secret. Top management can correctly allocate the necessary resources and HR and managers can identify any problems and take corrective actions leading to significant and rapid savings.

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