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Management and evaluation of performance

The strength of a company lies in the know-how of its people

Precisely identifying all the knowledge and skills of people is essential both to tackle a reorganization phase and to quickly respond to business opportunities. HR-Assistant offers a tool to build and maintain a structured database of all the knowledge and skills possessed by the employees, that you can query at any time through a powerful search engine.

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Competence management software tools

HR-Assistant software helps you manage skills more quickly and effectively. You can structure skills into one or more levels, define work groups or teams and assign a certain set of skills to them, enter competence assessment data and quickly find staff with certain skills. Specific dashboards allow you to view the data in graphical form for an overview.

The definition of work groups or teams is very useful and simplifies management, as the employee who belongs to one or more groups/teams gets automatically assigned to the relevant skills.

You can save a lot of time and improve staff motivation by allowing everyone to include a self-assessment in the system. In this way you can create the opportunity for a constructive confrontation boss-employee and also bring out areas of unpredictable skills that could be exploited effectively in the company.

In the skills evaluation form it is also possible to insert any certifications that the employee has acquired by attaching the specific document.


Tools for analysis and research of the skills present in the company

A powerful search function allows you to immediately find employees with a certain set of skills and with grading above the minimum level required. This tool allows you to respond quickly to requests from technical or commercial departments involved in development or sales processes that require resources with special skills.

Through a visualization page of all the competences present in the company, it is also possible to immediately identify any critical issues (lack of personnel with certain competences), verify the impact on the competences possessed in the company of any resignation, evaluate the advisability of planning new hirings and/or training courses.


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