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The term onboarding can be understood as “organizational socialization”. In a work context where motivation and engagement are increasingly important, Onboarding is becoming a key role in keeping workers, especially the best ones, in the company. They tend to change jobs more frequently and increase the cost of their replacement. Managing the Onboarding process can therefore provide a competitive advantage to the company.

Onboarding is the process that allows a person from outside an organisation to consciously enter into the organisation. We can see it from the company’s point of view as the set of procedures and actions that must be activated internally. We can also see it from the point of view of the newly hired person as the set of knowledge, skills and behaviours that they need to learn to become an effective member of the organisation.

Automation tools for Onboarding

For this reason it is important that any human resources management tool must have a specific function for Onboarding. In an HR platform companies must be guiding employees in this process, making sure they’re not left alone in learning how his new workplace works. There must be a tool for both to guide them through a planned and defined path without the risk of skipping steps and wasting time. It is important for the company to give the impression of an efficient organization from the very beginning, capable of providing all the essential information and tools to carry out the assigned task. It is gratifying for the newly hired person to feel part of a group that takes care of him, that fulfills his needs, that helps him to fit into his new environment.

This kind of solution is present among the features of the HR-Assistant human resources management software. It allows HR to define step by step the tasks, who’s in charge of them, the time to be planned for each. There are tasks of HR itself, or technical support, such as providing the new employee with a computer and a company telephone. Other tasks concern the administration, related to the documentation and fulfilments necessary for the formalisation of the recruitment. There are also activities that are the responsibility of the tutor, to allow the new employee to fully enter the group to which he belongs, to know his role in relation to that of others, to create the necessary contacts to carry out his work.

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The options are customizable and adaptable to the specific processes of each company. These are linked to an “active” schedule, which reminds everyone of the task to be carried out either by email or by notifications in a message board. It is necessary to foresee what has to be done before the arrival of the new employee, the reception during the first days, the first weeks, at least the first three months. In addition to the most obvious activities and the most usual tools, you must also plan the management of training courses: the newly hired must be able to reach a level of integration that allows him to work independently in a defined time. In this way the new employee can, in a longer time perspective, consciously enter the production system of the company and see before him an organic path of training and development of his skills.

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