Overtimes and stand-by duties with HR-Assistant cloud software
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Overtime and stand-by duties

save time

Save time in the calculating the amounts due

The system allows employees to record on the portal the final balance of overtime hours and stand-by duties. In addition, the module is integrated with attendance and clocking, so the entire process can become even more automatic and fast. The calculation of the amounts due is much easier and the information is easily shared with the payroll office. Likewise, managers can check the overtime worked by their employees without having to search through paper, mail and excel sheets.

holiday and night work

Tracking of night and holiday work

The software has been designed to be flexible enough to handle the variety of situations that arise in each labor law. For example, the system counts aside the hours of night and holiday work to be able to value them in accordance with what is provided in the employment contracts. 

Collection of authorizations

The system manages the workflow of authorization of the final balance of overtime and stand-by and notifies by email to those responsible  the presence of instances to be authorized online. Compared to paper management, the HR Assistant process is much faster, more transparent and more traceable. In fact, at any time employees can check the status of the approval and every change is historicized.

permissions collections
cost control

More accurate control of personnel cost

Information on overtime and stand-by duties allows you to calculate personnel costs more accurately. In addition, managers can access reports and highlight trends and anomalies in overtime hours performed by their employees in each month.