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All configurations include staff master data management with variation log, employee self-service, workflow, scheduler, user profile, document management, individual team management, drop-down list configurator.


Employees (included)

  • Staff archive
  • Change history
  • Personal equipment (e.g. safety)
  • Dynamic organization chart
  • Corporate data
  • Online documents
  • Performance evaluation
  • Potential evaluation
  • Reports
  • User configuration and management
  • Integrated chat for public and private discussions between employees



Attendance management



  • Holidays and leaves
  • Customizable working time and clocking profiles
  • Flexible working time management with monthly compensation
  • Online clocking functions
  • Ability to import data from attendance terminals
  • Automatic verification of attendance and regularity of timings
  • Email notification of any irregularities to the employee and managers
  • Ability for the employee to correct irregularities independently
  • Ability for HR staff to intervene on attendance
  • Ability to export attendance data for processing coupons
  • Export of meal vouchers count to be paid to staff




Trips and

Expense reports

  • Request business trips
  • Fill in the travel expense report and attach any documentation
  • When accessing from your smartphone, simply take a picture of the receipts and they will be automatically attached
  • On-line authorization of expense reports
  • Data export to payroll office
  • Data export for statistical purposes
  • Charts to highlight problems and trends
  • Fuel refunds for company cars
  • Mileage refunds for employee cars




Project Timesheets

and Planning

  • Management of the order master data with structuring into projects and sub-projects
  • Reporting (timesheet), by employees, of the hours actually worked on the projects or sub-projects
  • Setting of the reporting frequency on a daily basis, weekly or monthly
  • Ability to define for each employee the list of projects on which he or she is allowed to report hours
  • Ability to cross-reference hours with attendance and leaves
  • Setting of email reminders to employees of expiring reports
  • Protection mechanisms against changes in consolidated timesheet data
  • Availability of an effective project resource planning tool by employee, month and year
  • Excel export of timesheet and planning data



Shifts and Substitutions


  • Differentiated weekly shifts by location
  • Easy shift creation thanks to automatic staff availability check
  • Quick and easy management of replacements with the ability to view the replacement’s phone number and forward the call (from smartphones)
  • Calculation of hours worked by staff also taking into account replacements and absences with the possibility for employees to download and print their monthly attendance
  • Access to confidential information by team members



Training and Development


  • PPlanning of training courses and participants
  • Management of mandatory courses and deadlines
  • Registration of actual course participants and absentees
  • Creation of teams and workgroups to group resources with similar skills and training needs
  • Definition of corporate skills and skill inventory at team and employee level
  • Skills Assessment and Self-assessment
  • Registration of any certifications
  • Powerful search engine with the ability to search for resources with specific skill sets and also set a grading threshold
  • Possibility to allow employees to register participation in courses and enter any acquired certifications


App for

Smartphones and Tablets


  • Essential for staff working off-site or making frequent trips
  • Convenient and effective for quickly submitting holiday requests or leaves and to authorize requests from employees
  • Accessibility to the main modules of HR-Assistant
  • Customization of the homepage and views
  • Compatibility with smartphones and tablets iOs and Android



and Company Assets


  • Builds the inventory of tangible and intangible company assets, welfare, etc.
  • Manages the process of assigning material to employees and any necessary approvals
  • It’s integrated with the HR-Assistant scheduler to notify deadlines associated with each asset
  • Keeps track of warehouse availability following assignments and returns
  • Flexible and customizable according to your needs


HR Budget


  • Allows you to freely define the time period, structure or location on which to calculate the budget and the assumptions of the scenario (hiring, salary increases, bonuses, part-time, leaves, fixed-term contracts, etc.).
  • Automatically calculates the main cost items (wages, training, overtime, travel, welfare, bonuses, etc. ..)
  • Automatically imports data from the payrolls loaded into the system
  • Allows the visualization in graphs of salary costs and totals trend month by month and the export of results
  • Automatically notifies when the thresholds set for each type of cost item are exceeded
  • Flexible and configurable to suit every need



Other modules


  • Health surveillance
  • Overtimes
  • Stand-by duty
  • Payroll portal with automatic loading from zip files
  • Surveys
  • Onboarding and management of new recruits