Reporting hours worked on project with HR-Assistant
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Project timesheets and planning

Keeping project costs under control

Tracking the hours worked (and consequently the costs) on all the activities that take place daily is now essential. This is particularly true in the case of contract work and invoicing of final projects. Project reporting is used to ensure that the budget is respected and to verify the use of resources. More and more companies are realizing the advantages that time tracking can bring to work planning, to project cost control and, ultimately, to profit growth. However, without the right tools, this activity can be quite complex. With the HR-Assistant timesheet module, you can access all your reporting data in real time. 

tracking project costs
select orders or projects

Define your projects

Through HR-Assistant it is very easy to define the projects on which the staff will have to report online. You can enter projects into the system in two ways:

  • directly from the system, through a dedicated screen for creation or modification of orders/projects.
  • by importing an Excel file containing the list of orders/projects and related information

There is no limit to the number of projects you can create. In addition, you can manage multi-year projects and retain all data from previous years’ projects.

Assign the project codes to employees

Managers can define the projects in which the employee can add hours. Alternatively, you can allow an employee to upload hours to all projects. Project assignments can be changed at any time.

Work reports can be daily, weekly or monthly. It takes very little time for staff to simply enter the hours corresponding to the projects shown on the timesheet page.

assign project codes
Quick reporting

Flexible controls

The system allows you to check the consistency between the hours entered in the timesheet and the hours the employee is present. The control can be disabled to allow you to report fewer hours than working hours.

You can also use the timesheet to enter hours of vacation, leave, sickness and extra-project activities.


Reporting also from smartphone

To make the reporting even easier and faster we have created the app compatible with android devices and iphone. With the app, employees can enter data in the timesheet wherever they are, even without a data connection. They also save time by not having to log in every time.


The system can send reminders to employees who are close to the due date of time sheet management. This avoids delays and ensures that managers always have the correct and complete activity report data available.

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labour reporting

Data integration in Excel sheets

By using data integration technologies, we can create a dynamic link to the timesheet data in your spreadsheet. This way the excel sheet will automatically update and you will no longer need to download and import the data each time. You will be able to view both personnel costs and total costs for each project. This solution allows you to keep project costs under control and save a lot of time.

Clear and comprehensive data exports and final reports

It is possible to export the staff timesheet data in the form of excel files as raw data for off-line processing. A final report is also available in the form of a monthly summary table already prepared. The system preserves the history of the timesheet data, thus allowing analyses to be carried out for any period of time.

Additional information

Stay within the reporting deadlines

You no longer have to urge employees to report on time. A proven reporting mechanism ensures that data is always available without delay.

Customizing reports

We can customize reports according to your needs. It is also possible to associate hourly costs to employees and fixed or variable costs to activities to report also the quantities. In this way it will be possible to automatically calculate the total costs of the projects.

Project data

You can enter information such as customer, product line or service, in order to aggregate results by category. You can also structure projects into sub-projects and manage their reporting.

Quick and easy timesheets even from the app

Employees can also enter data into the timesheet via mobile and with the dedicated app, saving time.

Flexible assignment of projects

You can change the assignment of projects to employees at any time. The system will take this into account immediately and change the employee’s reporting choices accordingly.

Dynamic data integration

Using the most advanced data integration technologies we can create a dynamic link with the timesheet data within your excel file.