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 Customized recruiting 


Speed up your recruitment campaigns and identify the best talent.

Multi-diffusion of ads, application management. 

Inasoft’s Gestmax software

We chose Inasoft as our technological partner for a high-level and highly customizable recruitment solution, which communicates with the HR-Assistant platform in order to offer a solution that covers the entire life cycle of the employee, from the moment he enters his resume until the termination of employment.

GestMax is a recruitment software that allows you to manage the processes of recruitment and selection of personnel at 360 degrees, publish job advertisements in multidisplay on job boards, corporate sites, social media and manage applications received. Particular attention is paid to the ergonomics of the solution, as each new feature is tested in a panel of users.

Gestmax is your 100% turnkey solution!

Page works with us

Having an effective page for posting job offers and collecting applications is a key element in your recruitment strategy. Gestmax allows you to easily create an effective Career page on your company website to convey your Employer branding and attract the best talent. This way you can communicate with your candidates in a more direct and targeted way. Jobs created with Gestmax, accompanied by job descriptions, will be automatically published on the page work with us while the applications collected can be viewed directly on Gestmax.

Robopost is a tool that allows you to automatically publish your ads on more than 200 international job boards.  With a single click, your ad will be transmitted in real time to the ad site you want and in less than 24 hours it will be online.  Once the ad has been sent to the job board, you can view the status of the publication in real time: “sent to site”, “online”, “expired”… In addition, a tracking of the ads allows you to get statistics on the performance of the different portals to guide your strategy of dissemination of ads.

Integration with other platforms

Gestmax is a modern Applicant Tracking System that interfaces with many useful recruitment services such as personality or language tests and video interview solutions. In this way, the recruiter will be able to effectively screen candidates using various tools and services integrated in the platform. 

By having these services available within GestMax, you will gain valuable time in transferring information without having to transcribe the data already available. You can also centralize all information, such as test results, within the GestMax candidate form.

SimplyJobs – a turnkey software suitable for SME

Easy to use, SimplyJobs is the simplified version of Gestmax. It integrates the best features of Gestmax in a version that is quick to implement and accessible in SaaS. Designed to be quickly operational, SimplyJobs is the ideal software for SMEs that want to optimize their recruiting process. Like Gestmax, the software allows you to create advertisements, publish job offers, manage communication with the candidate, have a candidate archive, produce statistical reports, etc..

Multidiffusion of job advertisements

Allows you to publish an ad simultaneously on multiple sites such as Job boards and social media.

Recruiter career site

Create your HR site in a few clicks thanks to our experience.

Management of CV and applications

Receiving applications by mail and monitoring candidate status.

Application import

Integrate automatically without retyping applications received on social networks and by email.

Tests and evaluation of candidates

Manage directly from GestMax the sending of tests to your candidates.

Recruitment workflow

Organize your interviews and manage your planning thanks to the calendar included in the program

Automatic verification of candidates' diplomas

Gestmax includes a form for the automatic verification of diplomas of candidates.


Customizable organization, real-time update.

Statistical reports

You have an advanced reporting tool that allows you to create custom reports.

Video interviews

For when you want to call a candidate for a video interview via Skype or Hangout directly from the interface.

Communication with candidates

Communicate with your candidates through dedicated messaging, email and email campaigns

Application import

Integrate automatically without retyping applications received on social networks and by email.