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Immediate activation and use

The HR-Assistant SaaS Human Resources Management does not require any installation costs but only a monthly fee. After you subscribe to the service, you will receive an email with your login credentials. HR-Assistant can be used immediately through the Internet.

You’ll be able to log in as an administrator, start configuring the system for your company, define other users and assign them login credentials.

It’s very simple, no computer skills are required, just follow a short course in self-study using the video tutorials that you’ll find in the area reserved for registered users and keep the user manual handy.


QuickStart Service

This service is designed to speed up system startup, so you can see the benefits right away without the need to spend time configuring and entering data into your system. Let us worry about it, you just need to provide us with information via excel files or other file types.



Security is our priority. With HR-Assistant your data is always safe. We put in place, to ensure the safety, a set of measures on several levels that are unlikely to be adopted within small or medium companies as they are quite expensive and complex to manage.


HR-Assistant provides a support service to assist you in using the system. If you do not find the answer to your problem in the FAQs and the documentation on the site and if you are qualified by your company to request support, you can contact our team by writing an email to

The service is active from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. Write an email describing the problem and include screenshots. A person from our team will take care of your request.




Security is our priority. With HR-Assistant, your data is always safe. We have put in place a set of security measures on multiple levels that are difficult for a company to set up autonomously.

Physical security

The hosting infrastructure is located in secure data centers using all the latest electronic surveillance technologies as well as multifactor access control systems.

The data centers we use are protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from specialized security personnel and access is allowed only based on the principle of least privilege. Whenever a person leaves an area that contains customer data, they are inspected. The environmental systems are designed to limit the impact of downtime on operations.

The data centers are located in different geographical regions and areas of availability, so you get the best service even when service is interrupted in in a particular area, even if the cause is due to natural disasters or system failures.

The infrastructure is designed to provide optimal availability without sacrificing customer privacy and confidentiality.

Application security

HR-Assistant Human Resource Management was developed on a software platform designed for the highest security standards. The multi-level application architecture makes it possible to separate both logically and physically the presentation and execution level from the data access level in order to ensure the necessary controls before allowing access to the database.

Sophisticated security rules allow you to control which users can access each feature and data table up to the point of being able to control the individual actions allowed at the level of the individual record.

The security of access to the system is achieved through various measures, such as:


  • Authentication through username and password transmitted by SSL encrypted protocols, the password choice must pass a strength verification test, password expiration procedures are adopted, the password modification procedure includes captcha validation
  • Automatically closing the user session if the IP address changes during the session, in order to prevent hijacking of the same.
  • Automatically closing the user session if a new user session is started on a different browser in order to prevent multiple concurrent sessions
  • Tracking all IP addresses used by users.
  • Blocking access from certain IP addresses
  • Restricting access to certain ranges of IP addresses only

Constant monitoring

The hosting infrastructure is protected by an extensive network of monitoring systems. These systems provide important security features such as basic protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and detection of brute force attacks on accounts. In addition, infrastructure components are continuously scanned and tested.

High availability

The data centers used to host the application are located in different regions of the world and in different availability zones for each region. Each availability zone is an independent error zone. For this reason, availability zones have been physically separated within a region and are located in low-risk areas. Each one is fed by different grids, so as to reduce the individual error points. The availability zones are connected redundantly to different first level transit providers.

In the unlikely event of a breakdown, customer data traffic would be removed from the affected area by automated processes.

Core applications are deployed in an N+1 configuration, so if one data center were to stop operating, there would still be enough capacity to balance the traffic load on the other centers.



Software customization

It is possible to request customization of the software to adapt it to business processes and specific customer problems, for example:

  • adding features
  • adding fields to the database
  • customizing export files
  • developing new types of reports
  • interfacing with other software, such as payroll software
  • interfacing with attendance terminals

Continuous updating

The hardware and software of the servers, on which HR-Assistant is hosted, are constantly updated. Systems that have reached the end of their life cycle are replaced with those with the most advanced processors, not only to improve performance, but also because this allows new protection technologies to be included.