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Managing work shifts

Shift work is more frequent than you might think

There are many activities that require continuity of service with the need to ensure the presence of qualified staff on multiple shifts, sometimes even at weekends or at night. Think of health, police, firefighters, industry, the hotel industry, telecommunications, transport. It is estimated that 20% of the active population works on shifts.

Managing staff in the presence of shifts and substitutions can become very complex. In fact, in addition to work requirements, it must also take into account contractual constraints, holidays and permits, any substitutions to be managed, often with even very short notice.

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Share sensitive data securely

Working groups can often have access to confidential and/or sensitive information to which only authorised personnel should have access, while ensuring that access keys and other information are updated frequently. An effective and secure solution has been studied for this problem, which allows access to confidential information also through the shifts app.

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All the benefits of a modern Cloud solution

The HR-Assistant shift and substitutions module is designed to simplify shift management using the latest cloud technologies with access from a PC or portable device. In addition to support for shift preparation across multiple locations, the system helps track attendance by automatically calculating the hours worked by both permanent staff and replacements. This makes it much easier to prepare pay slips. In addition, the system can provide effective replacement management support via the shifts app that allows you to quickly identify and contact potential replacements available for your specific date, time and place of work.

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