Evaluation of skills and know-how with HR-Assistant cloud software
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Skill Inventory and Assessment

The strength of a company lies in the know-how of its people

Training is important for both the worker and the company. In fact, it is the basis of the processes of individual and general growth, and also plays a major role in strengthening the motivation of staff towards the common goal. But there is a need for tools that help to manage the skills present in the company and to identify precisely in which areas it is necessary to strengthen them. In this way, you can face a phase of reorganization or respond quickly to business opportunities, or even plan training as a means of developing potential, especially for key skills.

Skill assessment

HR-Assistant Skill Assessment helps you to carry out your skill assessment work quickly and effectively. You can structure competences into one or more levels, define working groups or teams and assign a specific set of target skills to them. Dashboards and graphs allow you to view the data in a concise and intuitive form.

The definition of the working groups or teams that the system proposes is very useful and simplifies management. In fact, the employee who belongs to one or more groups/teams has automatically assigned the relevant skills.

You can improve staff motivation by allowing everyone to enter a self-assessment of skills into the system. In this way you can create the opportunity for a constructive comparison between manager and employee and also bring out new areas of staff know-how or areas that could be better exploited in the company.

The skills assessment form can also include any certificates that the employee has acquired by attaching the specific document.

Searching for skills in the company

A powerful search function allows you to immediately find people with a specific set of skills and know-how. You can use filters to enter, for example, a minimum level of skills required. Thanks to this tool, you can quickly respond to requests for resources with specific skills.

Finding the right person for each situation quickly and easily can greatly improve the efficiency of the company. Any critical issues, such as lack of staff with certain skills, are easily highlighted in a special page. When an employee leaves the company, you can easily check which skills you are losing and who could replace them. The opportunity to plan new jobs or training courses is also just a click away.