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In Italy, small and medium-sized enterprises (up to 250 employees) represent 99.9% of the total and employ 78% of active workers (Istat data). Companies with less than 10 employees make up 45% of the Italian workforce. All this means that, if large companies have been able to equip themselves with software solutions for personnel management for some time now, a very large number of Italian companies still rely on old and inefficient tools (excel sheets, emails, paper forms for holiday requests and attendance signatures) that are not integrated with each other.

From the human resources manager to the last person in the HR department, a significant number of HR staff have to spend most of their time manually dealing with attendance, permit requests, overtime, expense reports, etc. on a daily basis. The management of all this information, distributed on paper documents and excel sheets, is inefficient and expensive and can produce errors. The HR manager has to spend a lot of time checking the data, instead of dedicating himself to professional and motivational staff development actions. This situation, common to a large number of Italian companies, also ends up weakening the role of the HR manager. This problem also emerged from the recent conference on the HR Tech market in Italy, held in Turin on 29 January this year.

There is a need for tools that speak to each other. For example, an integrated system common to department manager and worker. A solution of this type allows, against an input via smartphone, tablet or pc, of data related to stamps, holidays and permits, travel expenses, etc., to automatically obtain the attendance data that the HR manager can only check before sending it to the job consultant.

The solution: an HR platform as SaaS 

Fortunately, technology now makes it possible to offer solutions of this kind at an affordable price to small and medium-sized businesses thanks to cloud computing. In fact, it drastically reduces the costs of using and maintaining hardware and software that are made accessible on the network.

This makes it possible to provide the customer with Software as a service (SaaS), i.e. made available through the Internet. With SaaS, those who use the service do not worry about the software or the infrastructure that supports it. All critical management issues remain the responsibility of the supplier.

The HR platform created by HR-Assistant provides exactly this type of service. The system has been designed to allow everyone to save time in all types of activities, such as time attendance, holidays and permits, travel, training courses, professional skills, project reporting, work shifts, health surveillance, etc..

All information is always accessible through the cloud from any fixed or mobile device with no time or place limits. Moreover, thanks to the high modularity of the HR-Assistant solution, the customer can create a configuration tailored to his needs.

A particularly interesting strength of the HR-Assistant platform is the availability of a set of apps for smartphones or tablets. These include, for example, timestamp apps, expense management apps, holiday and leaves apps and document apps. Apps have also been developed for specific work contexts such as medical practices.


Secure and easy to use

You can start using the system without training, thanks to the intuitive design and the wizard integrated in the application that guides you through the procedures. An integrated chat allows you to receive online assistance from a specialized technician.

Security is guaranteed by a multi-level set of measures, from GDPR compliance to application security, constant monitoring, automatic backup, etc..

The possibility to obtain customizations and a high level of support guarantee a product that is establishing itself in the market of small and medium enterprises in Italy.

Thank you Bitmat for your collaboration in the publication of this article.