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Business trips and Expense reports

Simple and efficient

The HR-Trips and expenses module makes processes more simple and efficient, reduces management costs, prevents errors and encourages collaboration. The system assists you from the organization and authorization of business trips to the approval of expenses incurred by the employee for reimbursement in payroll.

Support for the organization of the trip

Each travel request must be accompanied by some essential information, such as departure and return dates, purpose of travel, customer and any order code, Depending on the type and duration of the trip it may be necessary to request the booking of transportation, hotels, rental cars, etc. For travel abroad it may also be necessary to purchase foreign currency, HR-Trips helps you to collect all this information in an orderly manner and to request the necessary authorizations.

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Create super-fast expense claims

Upon return from travel, HR-Trips helps you quickly create expense claims. A further advantage is the Mobile version, which allows you to fill in the expense report while sitting comfortably on the train and even without a data connection, and attach one or more photos of the receipts of all expenses incurred. So you don’t have to worry about losing them or confusing receipts from different journeys. In addition, the administration will always have all the information at hand online, saving time and reducing paper consumption. This way you get an increase in productivity of all sectors involved and the calculation of the expense report becomes very simple.

Tracking of multiple types of expenditure

The expense report allows you to enter different types of expenditure in order to allow analysis aimed at optimizing costs. It’s possible to specify the travel allowance and distinguish between expenses in cash, with a company credit card and in foreign currency.  Note fields are also available to transfer information and details to the administration. Both the expenses incurred by the employee and the expenses advanced by the company can be tracked in order to calculate the total costs of travel.


Fuel cards for company cars

We wanted to add to the HR-Trips module also support for the management of fuel cards that might be subject to strict regulation. Enough with the paper cards to scan and send by email. With HR-Trips all data is generated in electronic format and reduces the possibility of errors. Fuel purchases, both those made with a company credit card and those made by the manager, are tracked in order to manage refunds and correctly calculate the total cost of company cars.

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Mileage refund

The HR-Trips module includes the mileage refund management feature, designed for employees who make frequent service trips with their car. By entering in the system the information about the trips made and the kilometres travelled, all the costs are always under control and automatically associated with the orders. In addition, there is a considerable saving of time compared to the traditional management with paper or excel sheets.

Data Analysis

With the different types of Analytics reports in place, the manager can view expense data for a period of time and perform different types of analysis, for example to identify anomalous amounts. For more complex analysis, you can always export all expense data in excel format and create the most suitable graphs for different needs.

Calculation of the expense report

The software performs the calculation of the expense report and highlights the reimbursements to be paid to the employee. After the necessary authorizations, the data is sent at the end of the month to the employment consultant for payment by coupon.

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