Welfare and company asset management with HR-Assistant
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Welfare and company assets

Managing and tracking company assets means saving money

Without an automatic system for the management and control of company assets, any assignment of assets to employees is laborious and involves risks. Having a list of company assets that can be assigned in a simple process can lead to significant savings in time and money. In fact, administrative and management costs are greatly reduced, as is the risk of mistakes in manual tracking of assets and approval or return processes. In addition, without effective management, there is a danger of losing track of company assets and not being able to correctly fill in the asset book or depreciable asset register.

For both tangible and intangible assets such as corporate welfare or benefits, you need a flexible and configurable inventory and assignment tracking system. In addition, a good asset management system must allow tracking and reporting of any expiration dates of the material. This is the only way to ensure that safety and quality requirements are met.

The HR-Assistant asset management module has been created on the basis of these requirements, which are frequent among small and unstructured companies as well as among large companies with ERP systems. In the absence of appropriate systems, the software can also track the availability of goods as they are assigned or returned, so as to allow a simple management of the warehouse.

la gestione manuale e cartacea non è scalabile
Tracking del welfare aziendale, dei benefit e dei beni materiali
Tieni traccia di tutti i beni aziendali

Keep your inventory organized

With the HR-Assistant Welfare and Company Assets Management module you can organize assets by categories and define the level of control that is required for each category. Within the categories you can keep individual assets or groups of assets organized.

Thanks to the category, name and code search engine, it is easy to find the corporate asset and check, for example, its expiry date and availability. Similarly, if an asset allocation has been created, it can be tracked down by searching for the asset, by employee or even by the employee’s office.

Control the assignment process

Depending on the level of control chosen for each asset category, you can define whether employees can create asset assignments and return material freely. You can also choose whether to initiate the authorization process that involves their managers, or whether they will only receive assignments from their superiors. While maintaining considerable flexibility of use, the software guides users to the correct use of processes to ensure traceability and ease of management.

It is also possible to specify the number of assets to be assigned from time to time. The system will immediately check availability based on the number of total assets available and previous assignments. In the event of non-availability, the assignment can still be created and notified, but the status will be “unavailable” until some of the assets already assigned are returned.

Controlla le assegnazioni di beni ai dipendenti
ti aiuta nella gestione in diverse situazioni e realtà aziendali

A solution for all your needs

You can specify a code for each object to manage phones, mobile phones and SIM cards, company cars, credit cards, tablets, printers, rentals, etc.. For other types of goods, such as vouchers and ticket restaurants, coupons or small items, it is preferable to manage and assign multiple. In this case, the software tracks the availability of the warehouse automatically. In addition, thanks to the integration with the HR-Assistant scheduler, monitoring the deadlines of personal protective equipment (PPE) or other goods that require special attention is quick and easy. 

Easy to use from all devices

Corporate assets and assignments are instantly viewable by staff wherever they are, even from smartphones and tablets. 

Integration with the scheduler

The welfare and corporate assets module is integrated with the HR-Assistant scheduler, with one click you can monitor deadlines and ensure that safety devices or benefits are replaced before expiry.

Controlling assignments

Asset assignments follow the same access control logic as HR-Assistant but offer some extra functionality. For example, you can block employee requests and request the full assignment process with email notifications and approval.

Automatic warehouse management

The availability of goods is automatically checked during assignments and updated following returns. In the absence of material, assignments are reported as unavailable.

Quick search for assets and assignments

Search by category, code, employee and location to find the assets you need easily and effortlessly. Category structuring helps keep your inventory organized.

Flexible and adaptable

The module is designed to help in the management of assets of various kinds and in different contexts. For example, it can be used to manage telephones, mobile phones and SIM cards, company cars, credit cards, tablets, printers, rentals, vouchers and ticket restaurants, coupons, PPEs, etc. .