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Contractual aspects

Is it possible to add other modules to my configuration and / or increase the number of users?

At any time you can request the addition of further modules or users by filling out the online order and ensuring the payment.
The increase in the number of users extends to all possessed modules, not only to the new ones.
Similarly, the increase in the number of modules extends to all users purchased.
Once verified that the payment has been successful, you will receive an email notification of the activation of the modules and / or added users.

How can I be sure that the HR-Assistant software that I use is up to date?

You have not to worry about updating the software as this is automatic and free. This is one of the great benefits of the cloud. You will always be sure to use the latest version and you can take advantage of the improvements that will be added without price increase.

What happens when the service contract is expired or terminated?

The contract may be terminated at any time upon 15 days’ notice on the expiration date indicated in the order, by sending by registered mail the form, downloadable from the website, completed and signed by the person designated by the company for the contract management.

The customer will receive a copy of all the data it owns on the system.

Once the termination of the contract will be operational, the customer will no longer have access to the service.

What is the duration of the service contract?

The contract has an annual minimum amount and is automatically renewed unless notice to be received in the area reserved to registered customers or appropriate form received by registered mail.

Data security

How do I know if my data is safe?

Safety is our priority. With HR-Assistant your data is always safe. We have implemented a set of measures on multiple levels to ensure the safety that can hardly be taken within a company.

Physical Security – The hosting infrastructure is located in secure data centers using all the latest technologies as well as electronic surveillance multifactorial of access control systems. These data centers are protected 24 hours on 24, 7 days out of 7 from specialized security personnel and access is allowed only based on the principle of least privilege. Whenever a person comes from an area that contains customer data is inspected. The environmental systems are designed to limit the impact of downtime on the operations. The data centers are located in different geographical regions and in different availability zones, therefore it can guarantee the service in case of failures that affect a particular area, even if the cause is due to natural disasters. The infrastructure is designed to provide optimal availability without sacrificing privacy and customer confidentiality.

application security – HR-Assistant has been developed on a software platform designed to the highest safety standards. The application architecture to more levels allows to separate both logically and physically the level of presentation and execution from that of access to data in order to ensure the necessary checks before permitting access to the database. Sophisticated security rules allow you to control which users can access each function and data table to the point of being able to control individual actions allowed in the single record level.

automatic data backup – All customer data is saved daily in a secure storage and placed in an area of ​​availability different than that in which the service is provided, so as to minimize the risk of data loss caused by too natural disasters or system failures. In addition, the customer can at any time request a copy of your data.

constant monitoring – The hosting infrastructure is protected by an extensive network of monitoring systems. These systems provide important safety features such as basic protection from DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service), and detection of brute force attacks on accounts. Besides the infrastructure components they are continuously scanned and tested. Furthermore accessibility at the application level of HR-Assistant service and the load of the servers on which it is hosted are constantly monitored to ensure that the service is always available with adequate response time.

Documentation & training

What materials and documentation do I have to learn how to use HR-Assistant?

On the web site http://hr-assistant.it, in the Customer Area reserved to registered users, you will find the user manual and a series of video tutorials that show how to perform common tasks.

Is it possible to organize a training course for users of my company?

We can organize both both traditional classroom courses or interactive web courses to train people in the use of the platform,. Send us an email specifying your needs and you will be contacted.

General questions

I have not found in the FAQ the answer to my problem

If you have not found the answer in the FAQ, you can contact our team by writing an email to support@hr-assistant.it. The service is available from 9.00 am to 18.00 from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. Write an email describing the problem possibly including a screen image. A member of our team will process your request.

How does it work a cloud application?

An application in the cloud does not require the purchase of software. The term “software as a service” means that the software is made available already installed on an appropriate hardware platform. Moreover the price includes a support service. The advantage of this mode is that you do not have to worry neither installation nor the updates, and you can access the application and your data from anywhere, using any device (PC, tablet, smartphone). At the time of subscription to the service you can specify the desired application modules and the number of users accessing the application. Everything you need to use a cloud application is an internet connection and a browser,.


Technical questions

Is it possibile to import data inside HR-Assistant?

The user does not have the ability to import data into HR-Assistant. However, we can offer a technical service of data import. Contact us if you want to get more information.

Is it possibile to export the data inside HR-Assistant for off-line use?

Most of the modules of the system allow you to export data and save them in various formats (eg excel, pdf, etc.).

Is it possible to integrate the system with payrolls software?

The system allows to export the attendance data and other data so that they can be acquired by the software used for the production of payrolls. However, you must check in advance with the user of the software the format to use.

Is it possible to integrate the system with attendance devices?

The system is compatible with most time and attendance devices on the market which must be purchased separately. It is available also a specific optional module that allows employees to use web stamping for presence detection.