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Health surveillance and timetable

Health surveillance at the workplace

The legislation in force in Italy makes it compulsory for the company to carry out health checks on workers who are exposed to the risks associated with their job. Properly managing health surveillance means carrying out periodic medical examinations and possibly clinical examinations and diagnostic investigations to assess the risk to which workers are exposed.

Safety at work cannot be left to chance. HR-Assistant’s Health Surveillance module, designed to respond comprehensively and effectively to the needs of companies of all sizes, enables the scheduling of medical examinations and sends employees invitations with adequate notice. Communication with the company doctor is simpler and more comprehensive, and the system keeps track of the visits made by each employee. Finally, managers can access data safely and securely and define health protocols for each category of workers.

Definition of health protocols

Each job may be associated with a risk level that determines the type and frequency of health checks the employee should undergo. This task is the responsibility of the company doctor who, together with HR, will examine the types of work and risk and determine the most appropriate health protocols. HR-Assistant provides an Examination Catalogue in which the health protocols for each company task are recorded on the basis of the company doctor’s instructions. In particular, the Examination Catalogue allows you to record the associated risks and the specific examinations to be carried out, as well as the frequency of the examinations.

Monitoring of medical examinations

The Medical Examination module allows you to keep track of the periodic medical examinations that each employee is required to carry out and tracks the examinations carried out as well as the fitness for duty ratings issued. The module interacts with the HR-Assistant schedule where the next medical examination deadlines are also displayed and reminders are managed.


Shows all deadlines related to personnel management, such as those for:

  • Fixed-term employment contracts
  • Probationary periods
  • Medical examinations
  • Mandatory training courses
  • Identity documents
  • Delivered goods
  • General deadlines
  • Individual deadlines

It is possible to configure the alerts to be sent by e-mail and to define the sending policies. The system will then send the predefined message to the different recipients. The list of deadlines is continuously updated on the basis of the information in the system. For example, as soon as a new employee with a fixed-term contract is added, a new deadline is created at the expiry date of the contract.