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Holiday and leave management

HR-Assistant is the only human resources management software specifically designed for SMEs. The only one that does not shy away from special and complex management requirements. The only one that is fully customisable and adaptable to any specific requirement.

Manage holidays and leave easily and effectively

With the HR-Assistant Holiday and Leave module you simplify holiday and leave requests, approvals, slips and leave plans. Forget the confusion caused by emails, phone calls, paper forms and impromptu conversations. The entire communication process is simplified and follows a configurable workflow involving the head of department and other managers. And with the App, forwarding and authorising requests is even easier and faster.

Manage holidays and leave easily and effectively

The employee can view his or her accrued holiday, untaken holiday, ex-festival leave and general leave situation from the holiday and leave module.

Viewing the calendar of absences and leave requests

The calendar shows all leave and holidays requested by employees. Employees can also be enabled to view the absence calendar of their team in order to check for critical issues. Other types of events, such as training courses and meetings, can also be shown on the calendar. Viewing the absence calendar and leave requests

Holiday plan

It is good practice to plan the holidays of all staff to avoid them being postponed until the following year and also to avoid too many employees taking holidays at the same time. The traditional solution is to create a holiday calendar on an excel sheet by collecting the data agreed between managers and employees. Apart from the waste of time, there is also the risk of errors in the transcription of the collected data. In addition, HR has to decide whether the resulting holiday plan is compatible with the needs of the company. Also the employees do not know whether what they have requested at department level will be approved.

The HR-Assistant holiday planning tool overcomes all these problems by allowing all staff to record their preferences in a shared online calendar. Any problems are quickly identified and resolved at team level as everyone has visibility of the data. This can facilitate the management of all periods of planned absence, including parental and marriage leave. Once the various requests have been authorised, the calendar can be approved by the manager.


Graphical dashboards and Reports Analytics allow you to keep track of absenteeism, holiday accumulation, study leave and 104 leave. This makes the analysis and management of absenteeism in the company easier and more accurate. Team managers also have similar reports at their disposal and are thus able to better manage their employees.

  • Monthly absence report
  • Accrued unused holiday leave from previous years
  • Graphs to show overall absence calendar
  • Ticket calculation based on days of attendance
  • Leave and holiday history

Faster authorisation processes

Requesting and authorising a permit online is simpler and faster. Communication is more efficient and secure thanks to the email notifications that the system sends.

Simplification and transparency

Forget the confusion of emails, phone calls, paper forms and impromptu conversations and manage the entire application and approval cycle with a simple and efficient workflow.

Shared absence calendar

The shared calendar helps to plan holidays and leave, training courses and other events. It is also possible to define planned company closures.

Statistical reports

You can create tabular or graphical reports in no time using ready-made templates. Data can also be exported in Excel format.

Holiday planning tool

Allows you to create and share a holiday plan quickly and efficiently. Improves communication between employees and managers.

Holiday and leave app

It allows you to manage holiday and leave requests and authorisations at any time and from anywhere, even without a data connection,