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Holidays and leaves management

Tracking each type of absence

HR-Assistant allows you to manage any kind of absence, including paid time off, medical visits, parental leave, travels leave, etc.. You can start from a predefined list and customize it based on your company needs.

Absence management takes into account the calendars of national and local holidays as well as company closures.

Holiday entitlements and planning

Both employee and managers can view the hours due, accrued and consumed during the year for holidays and leave. This helps to plan the use during the year.

Faster authorizations

The employees fill out and submit online their requests which are checked and authorized by the managers. Thanks email notification sent by the system and the ability to access at any time and place, authorization processes are faster and information is always under control.


Dashboards charts and search tools allow you to monitor a broad set of indicators of absence, from absenteeism due to illness, to monthly and weekly trends of absence, as well as missing medical certificates. The analysis of absences in the company will become easier and more accurate. Even the managers have access to these reports related to the people they manage and are thus able to proactively manage the absences of their collaborators.

  • Monthly statement of absences
  • Holidays not taken in previous years
  • Graphics to highlight the overall picture
  • Calculation of food stamps based on days of presence
  • Historical data about holidays and leave
holidays and leave request
tablet and smartphone access
unused leaves