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Management of holidays and leaves

Tracking of all types of absence

The management of leaves and absences of various kinds requires a certain number of dedicated employees in each company, working full time to collect requests relating to holidays or leaves with the respective justifications, any medical certificates and so on. HR-Assistant allows the management of absences of any type, including paid leaves, medical examinations, parental leaves, absences for public service, etc.. You can start from a very complete default list and customize it according to your company’s needs.

Absence management takes into account the calendar of national and local holidays and the company calendar for scheduled closures.


Updated residues and holiday planning

Both the employee and the managers can view the accrual of the holidays, i.e. the hours due, accrued and enjoyed during the year for each type of holiday. This helps to plan their use throughout the year, facilitating the sharing of information between employees and managers on individual holiday plans.

Faster authorizations

Employees fill in and submit their requests online, which are checked and authorized by the managers in relation to the overall absence calendar. Thanks to the email notifications that the system sends and the ability to access the system at any time and place, authorization processes are faster and the management of permissions and leaves is always under control.

holidays and leave request
tablet and smartphone access

Viewing the calendar of absences and requests for leaves

The manager who has to authorize a leave request can view the absence calendar including all the leaves requested by employees. In particular, with reference to holiday plans, employees can also be allowed to see the leaves of their work group colleagues, in order to identify any critical issues. Other types of events, such as training courses and meetings, can also be shown on the absence calendar.


Graphic dashboards and research tools allow you to monitor a wide range of indicators of absence, from absence related to employee illness, monthly and weekly trends, and to detect missing medical certificates or other missing documentation. The analysis and management of absences will become simpler and more accurate. Managers also have similar reports for their team and can proactively manage their employees’ absence calendars.

  • Monthly report of absences
  • Holidays not taken in previous years
  • Charts to highlight the overall picture
  • Calculation of meal vouchers based on days of attendance
  • Historical data about holidays and leaves
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