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Human Resources Management Software

Helps saving time and resources and keeping information under control.

HR-Assistant” is an employee management software in the cloud designed to simplify the most complex and repetitive activities, such as attendance checking, online authorization of permits and leave requests, managing travel expenses, compilation of timesheets, identification of skills, etc. All human resources management tasks can be carried out comfortably and efficiently on a single platform.

“HR-Assistant” can save you a lot of time and money but also reduce errors and increase process control.

“HR-Assistant” lets you easily create a portal that employees and managers can access to manage their procedures and data, all under the control of HR staff.



In the personnel management process, paper-based management is inefficient and time-consuming. Archiving staff data and documents and searching for documents is costly. Keeping information aligned between a paper archive and excel sheets is practically impossible.

With “HR-Assistant” all information related to staff management is generated in electronic form and managed in electronic form.┬áThere is no longer any need to copy data to spreadsheets, with the risk that they quickly become outdated All the handling and processing of human resources can be done on-line.

The system can be used through a browser from any terminal connected to the Internet: no need to install programs or carry your own computer around.

Managers and employees can access the system

Managers and employees can also access the system in a secure self-service environment

Each employee can submit electronically all procedures concerning them (requests for leaves and holidays, expense reports, business trips, etc ..) which can be checked and authorized online by the management, with a clear simplification of procedures and time saving.

The HR staff is relieved of time-consuming routine tasks

The HR staff is relieved of time-consuming routine tasks

HR staff can avoid the traditional collection and archiving of requests for trips or leaves, documents, expense reports and focus on the most strategic activities for the company, such as work engagement, recruitment, human resources development, training, performance evaluation and so on.

Processes and data under control

All staff processes and data are always under control

Access to information is fast and secure thanks to the software platform designed with high standards of control over the use of each feature and can take place at any time and place using any device including smartphones and tablets.

Software as a Service

Software as a Service

Thanks to the cloud solution for which the software is delivered as a service over the Internet (software as a service), the customer does not have to worry about installing software and procuring hardware, resulting in a significant simplification of the overall management.

Simple and intuitive

Simple and intuitive

You can start using the system immediately without training, especially thanks to the built-in help in the application, which guides the users through the procedures and can intervene autonomously to help them complete the operations.

Accessible from mobile devices

Accessible from mobile devices

The interface automatically adapts to the device resolution, allowing to carry out operations such as attendance checking, holiday and leave requests, travel management, reporting of hours worked, online clocking and the compilation of expense reports in any place and condition where the worker and his manager might be.

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