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HR-Assistant App

Thanks to the App, HR-Assistant’s services are available to you anywhere, even outside the workplace, with the convenience of not having to log in required from your PC or laptop.

The HR-Assistant app for iOs and Android allows you to access the HR-Assistant suite modules from your smartphone or tablet.

The HR-Assistant app is convenient for employees:

  • Makes it easy to clock out and request time off and leave, for both onsite and offsite staff, if you can’t use web clocking from a PC
  •  makes reporting easy and straightforward. Just select the job and enter the hours worked
  • makes it quick and easy to enter travel and expense reports. Receipts and receipts can be attached simply by taking a photo. This simplifies and speeds up the management of expense reports.

invaluable for HR and managers:

  • requires no installation for the company, no special expertise or additional infrastructure requirements.
  •  Allows you to obtain geolocated employee time stamps, in full compliance with the directives of the Privacy Guarantor.
  • sends time stamps and requests for vacations and permits directly to the management system and to the time and attendance system.
  • allows you to immediately approve vacation and leave requests, view expense reports, timesheets or reporting for each employee.

What if there’s no internet connection?

No problem. The HR-Assistant App works well even without an Internet connection.

Thanks to the off-line mode, HR-Assistant services remain accessible without difficulty.

This option is very useful when there is no good internet connection or if you are abroad without sufficient credit or wi-fi connection.

The app will send the updated data to the server as soon as the device is back online.


  • Compatibility with iOs and Android smartphones and tablets
  • Access to key forms such as vacation and leave requests, online time stamps, travel and expense reports, hours worked reporting, documents, course attendance records, etc.
  • Ability to attach expense receipts by simply taking a photo
  • Data entry and modification and authorization management
  • Ability to work off-line when the Internet connection is absent or poor. In fact, the off-line mode allows you to use HR-Assistant without being connected to the Internet. The updated data will be sent to the server when the device is back online.
  • Ability to customize theme, visible forms, search options, data sorting, etc.