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HR Assistant

Human Resources management Software in the cloud dedicated to SME and completely customizable.

Save time and resources, while keeping everything under control.

“The only HR management software that comes free for 30 days, so you can really test it with all your employee data and all the training and support you need… at no cost!”

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What is HR-Assistant?

“HR-Assistant” is a human resources management software in the cloud designed to simplify the most time-consuming and repetitive activities, such as time and attendance, recruiting, authorization of leave and vacation plans, travel and expense report management, project reporting and timesheets, skills assessment, organization of training courses, health surveillance, etc.. All the activities that concern the management of human resources can be carried out comfortably and efficiently on a single platform. 

“HR-Assistant” can save you a lot of time and money but also reduce errors and improve control over processes.

Through the employee self-service portal all staff can manage their own procedures and enter their own information, always under the control of HR.


In the staff administration process, paper-based management is inefficient and time-consuming. Storing and searching personnel data and documents with traditional systems is slow and time-consuming. Keeping information aligned between a paper archive and excel sheets is virtually impossible.

With “HR-Assistant” HR management information is created in electronic format and managed electronically. You no longer have to copy data onto excel sheets, with the risk that they will quickly become obsolete. All data management and personnel processes can be done online.

The system can be used from anywhere and at any time, even via app: no need to install programs or have your own PC available.

If you are looking for

• A system that automates your work and/or that of your employees, makes it leaner and more efficient or more controllable.

• A software that adapts to your exact needs to greatly increase time savings and improve the quality of your work results.

• A software house able to give you a solution for even the most complex problems (strong access control, employee authorizations, coexistence of very heterogeneous companies within the same group, frequent travel/expense claims, request for special management of reporting, complex scheduling, last-minute replacements, etc.).

è la soluzione che fa per te

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We stand out for:

Managers and employees can also access the system

Con il self service del dipendente tutto il personale può gestire le varie procedure (richieste ferie, giustificativi, note spese, trasferte) che potranno essere autorizzate on line dai responsabili, con semplificazione delle procedure e risparmio di tempo

Software As A Service (SaaS)

Thanks to the deployment model as Software as a Service (SaaS), the customer does not have to worry about installing the software and procuring the hardware: our HR management software is delivered as a service usable through the Internet, making management as easy as possible.

HR staff are relieved of time-consuming routine tasks

HR staff are relieved of repetitive tasks and can devote time to more value-added activities, such as work engagement, recruitment, development of human resources skills and motivation, and performance evaluation.

Simple and Intuitive

Users can start using our hr software without training, especially thanks to the help built into the application, which guides the user through the procedures and can intervene independently to help them complete tasks.

All processes and personnel data are under control

Access to information is fast and secure thanks to the staff management software platform designed with high security standards and can take place at any time and place using any device including smartphones and tablets.

Accessible from mobile devices

The interface is optimized for any device: even from the app it is possible to make requests for vacations and permits, online reporting of hours worked, virtual time sheets, compilation of expense reports in any place and condition where the worker and his manager are.

Customizations and integrations

HR-Assistant has a successful track record of adapting to the needs of the customer and their organization, even for small companies. In this we distinguish ourselves from the majority of systems on the market. Our process always starts from the analysis of the customer’s needs and problems in order to identify any customizations to be made to the system and the integrations with other systems in order to provide the best possible solution for the customer.

Customization of reports

Customization of reports through layout changes, addition of company logos, modification of table record layout. Development of new reports based on customer specifications.

Development of new features

For us, discovering new customer issues is always an opportunity for growth and win-win collaboration. In fact, the client obtains a solution that responds to his specific needs, while HR-Assistant is enriched with new functions that are then generalized to make them applicable to other contexts.

Integration to other systems

Integration of personnel management software with payroll software, time and attendance terminals, recruitment software and dynamic integration with excel sheets with automatic update functionality.

HR-Assistant is constantly evolving

This short video shows an overview of the main features of the system and the user interface. As the application is continuously enriched with new features, we invite you to register for an up-to-date presentation of the latest version of the system focused on your needs.

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“The only HR management software that comes free for 30 days, to really test it with all your employee data and all the training and support you need… at no cost!”

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