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HR Management

HR-Assistant is the only human resources management software specifically designed for SMEs. The only one that does not shy away from special and complex management requirements. The only one that is fully customisable and adaptable to any specific requirement.

Human resources management

The human resources management module helps you to keep your company’s personnel information up to date. From personal data to contractual and organisational data, job description, working hours, educational qualifications, benefits, salary, holiday entitlement and entitlement to time off, etc… The data can be accessed at any time and from anywhere thanks to the cloud and the hr-assistant app.


There is no better way to get an overview of the data than with a graph. You can produce reports easily and effectively, choosing from the many types available from HR-Assistant. Graphs allow you to highlight problems at a glance and make professional presentations with ease.

Export data in different formats.

All data in the HR-Assistant can be exported in different formats (excel, pdf, etc.) for any off-line use.

Historising personnel data

HR-Assistant allows the historical storage of all personnel data in order to be able to track changes that have occurred over time. In this way it is possible to reconstruct the work history of the employee. The historical data can be used to build analytical reports and graphs.

Archiving documents in the cloud

A document management system is integrated into the personnel management module, allowing you to quickly find documents relating to human resources in your company.

The attach document function, which is present in various modules, allows you to associate a specific document with a holiday request, training course, expense claim, etc., so that you always have all the information at your fingertips.

You can define document access permissions, e.g. to allow employees to access documents concerning them, such as performance appraisals, CVs, assigned objectives, pay slips, etc… You can also create shared documents for groups of employees or managers, making it easier to share information.

Company organigram

Keeping the organisation chart up to date is time-consuming and requires the use of specialised software. With HR-Assistant, this is no longer a problem, as the organisation chart is automatically updated based on the data in the system. The organisation chart can be viewed in the HR-Assistant dashboard. If an employee is moved to another facility, simply indicate their new manager and HR-Assistant does the rest.

Adding or editing structures is quick and easy. This saves you a lot of time and the quality of your presentations improves considerably.


To keep track of all kinds of deadlines and appointments HR-Assistant provides you with an automatic schedule. The operation of the schedule is configurable, e.g. you can set how many days in advance you want to be notified of a certain deadline. The notice can be sent by email to one or more recipients that can be simply selected from a list.

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Personal equipment

It allows the safety equipment (PPE) assigned to the employee to be recorded and monitored, particularly if the employee changes job or working environment. The module can also be used to keep track of non-safety equipment assigned to the employee such as company mobile phones, computer equipment, etc. in order to manage its obsolescence.

Integrated chat

If you decide to allow access, employees have a chat room for private and public conversations integrated into the system. This allows employees to have quick conversations with each other without having to use an external system and without having to share their phone number.

HR can maintain control by acting as moderators and blocking certain users, as the chat includes an access and spam control system. It is possible to create channels for specific user groups, add images, change preferences and much more.