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Well begun is half done

Onboarding is the process that starts at the end of the recruitment process, when new employees have to be enabled to start their new job. Onboarding includes all training activities that provide the new employee with the skills and knowledge typical of the company culture, as well as activities relating to bureaucratic issues, the provision of equipment and materials and much more.

The importance of onboarding management is often underestimated, limiting attention to the obvious and fundamental aspects. In fact, several studies show that good onboarding leads to greater employee satisfaction, a sense of belonging to the company and retention. Good onboarding should take into account not only the immediate needs, but also increase satisfaction and productivity in the medium term. Conversely, poorly managed onboarding results in significant costs to the company in terms of lower productivity, higher dissatisfaction and lower retention.

Good onboarding requires good planning. It is necessary to examine, and if possible standardise, various aspects such as duration, activities, personnel involved, as well as the method of measuring the effectiveness of the onboarding itself. Moreover, a good onboarding procedure does not always ensure good execution. In fact, without automation tools, it can be difficult and time-consuming for the staff involved to follow the different onboarding steps for each new recruit, particularly if the period of time is long.

Automation at the service of new recruits

HR-Assistant allows you to manage the onboarding of new recruits. It has a dedicated module that is integrated with the system’s timetable and can be configured. You are free to decide on the steps of the process. For each step you can define the responsible person (such as HR or a specific employee) and the deadline, ranging from a few days to several months after recruitment. In this way we assist you in creating a virtual checklist to follow the whole process.

Thanks to the integration with the timetable, you can automatically notify those responsible of tasks to be carried out at the appropriate time. HR can monitor the entire process, quickly checking for any outstanding or overdue steps. You can also keep track of status, organise tasks by category, etc.

Don’t limit yourself to the bare essentials. Think about the employee’s journey even months after they are hired, and use the onboarding management software also to organise training courses, skills assessment sessions, etc. This way, your employees’ satisfaction will increase. In this way, your employees’ satisfaction will continue to grow over time, and with it productivity.

Onboarding management software for all needs

The customer is always the starting point for the development of HR-Assistant. We have created an easy-to-use and configurable new hire management software tool that helps companies of all types, automates burdensome tasks and leaves HR in control of the whole process. If this is not enough for you, tell us what your company needs and we will help you with a tailor-made onboarding software tool.