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Overtime and availability

Saving time in calculating amounts due

The system allows employees to record their overtime and on-call time on the portal. In addition, the module is integrated with time and attendance, so the whole process can become even more automatic and faster. Calculating the amounts due is much easier and the information is easily shared with the payroll department. Similarly, managers can check the overtime hours worked by their employees without having to search through paper, email and Excel sheets.

Tracking of night and holiday work

The software is designed to be flexible enough to handle the variety of situations that arise in Italian labour law. For example, the system counts separately the hours of night work and holidays in order to be able to value them in accordance with the provisions of the employment contracts.

Collection of authorisations

The system manages the workflow of authorising overtime and on-call reports and notifies managers by email when there are requests to be authorised online. Compared to paper-based management, the HR-Assistant process is much faster, more transparent and traceable. In fact, at any time employees can check the approval status and any changes are logged.

Greater accuracy in controlling personnel costs

Information on overtime and on-call hours worked allows more accurate calculation of personnel costs. In addition, managers can report and highlight trends and anomalies in the overtime hours worked by their employees in each month.