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Prices in $ excluding VAT per employee and per month. Minimum order $ 50 / month. Minimum duration of 6 months. Possibility of buying online by registering in Customer Area.


  • Employee database
  • Historical tracking of modifications
  • individual safety equipment
  • Dynamic organization chart
  • Company info
  • On line Document Management
  • Reporting tools
  • Configuration and user management

Attendance management

  • Holidays and leaves
  • Customizable profiles of working hours and stamping rules
  • Possibility of flexible working hours management with monthly compensation
  • Availability of online stamping
  • Ability to import data from clocking devices
  • Automatic verification of attendance and correct stampings
  • Email notification of irregularities to employees and managers
  • Possibility for the employee to correct irregularities by himself
  • Possibility for HR staff to manually input attendance data when stamping data are not available
  • Export of attendance data for payroll
  • Calculation of the number of food stamps due to employees

Travels and expenses

  • Travel planning
  • Compilation of the travel expense form
  • Attachment of travel expenses documents and pictures of expense receipts taken from smartphone
  • Online authorization of travel expenses
  • Export to payroll office of employee expenses to be reimboursed
  • Export of detailed data for statistical purposes
  • Graphical reports to highlight issues and performance trends
  • Fuel reimbursement for company cars
  • Car mileage allowances for the employee

Reporting worked hours

  • Management of projects information and structure
  • Assignment of projects to employees to enable loading of hours
  • Reporting of worked hours with selectable periodicity (day, week, month)
  • Export of data in different formats
  • Ability to send deadlines and reminders to employees
  • Automatic consistency check between total reported hours versus total worked hours
  • Ability to freeze the compiled reports to avoid subsequent changes

Overtime work

  • Daily details of the duration of the overtime performed
  • Attribution of overtime to specific project codes or orders
  • Ability to attach overtime authorization document
  • Turn-call form compilation
  • Ability to enter turn-calls periods and overtime work
  • Ability to enter multiple rounds of overtime or availability in the same form
  • On line authorization

Training and Development

  • Planning of the training courses and participants
  • Possibility to define mandatory courses and periodic courses
  • Recording of the actual participants to the courses
  • Ability to create teams and working groups to pool resources with similar skills and training needs
  • Definition of business skills and skill inventory at team level or at individual level
  • Skills Assessment and Self-Assessment
  • Attachment of certifications
  • Powerful search engine with the ability to search resources in possession of specific sets of skills and also to set a threshold of mastery
  • Possibility of allowing employees to record the attendance to training and insert any certifications acquired

App for smartphones and tablets

  • Very useful for staff working off-site or on frequent trips.
  • Great usability due to optimized interface for small screen devices
  • Convenient and effective way to quickly submit leave requests or permits and to authorize the requests of the employees
  • Accessibility to the main modules of HR-Assistant
  • Possibility of customizing the home page and views
  • Compatibility with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets