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Project Timesheets

Keep project costs under control

Tracking the hours worked (and therefore the costs) on all activities carried out on a daily basis is nowadays indispensable. This is particularly true in the case of contract work and final invoicing of projects. Project reporting is used to ensure that budgets are adhered to and to check the use of resources. More and more companies are realising the benefits that time tracking can bring to work planning, project cost control and ultimately to profit growth. However, without the right tools, this activity can be quite complex. With HR-Assistant’s timesheet module you can have all your reporting data available in real time.

Define the projects

You can define the projects on which staff will be reporting online in two ways:

directly from the system, through the dedicated project creation mask.
by importing an excel file containing the list of projects and related information

There is no limit to the number of projects that can be created. In addition, you can manage multiannual projects and keep all data relating to projects from previous years.

Reporting also from the app

To make reporting even easier and faster we have created the HR-Timesheet app compatible with android and iphone devices. With the app, employees can enter data in the timesheet wherever they are, even without a data connection. They also save time by not having to log in every time.

Flexible controls

The system allows you to check the consistency between the hours entered in the timesheet and the employee’s hours of attendance. The check can be disabled to allow the reporting of hours less than working hours.

It is also possible to use the timesheet to enter hours for holidays, leave, sickness and non-project activities.

Assign projects to employees

Managers can define the projects on which the employee can upload hours. Alternatively, it is possible to enable an employee to upload hours to all projects. Project assignments can be changed at any time.

The task reporting can be done daily, weekly or monthly. It takes very little time for staff to enter hours against the projects shown on the reporting page.



The system can send reminders to employees close to the reporting deadline. This avoids delays and managers will always have correct and complete activity reporting data.

Data export and Reporting

The timesheet module allows you to produce different types of daily or monthly reports. The data can be related to a single employee or to all employees. The reports can be exported as Excel files. The system keeps a history of the reporting data, allowing reports to be produced for any time period.

Data integration on excel

By applying data integration technologies, we are able to create a dynamic link to the reporting data in your excel sheet. This way the spreadsheet will update automatically and you will no longer need to download and import data each time. You will be able to view both personnel costs and total costs for each project. This solution allows you to keep control of your project costs and saves you a lot of time.