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Reporting hours worked

Tracking projects costs

The tracking of hours worked by staff on projects or orders is an essential activity to ensure compliance with the budget and the efficient use of resources. Without proper tools, however, it can be a very complex activity. With HR-Assistant you will always have the situation under control and you will have real-time reporting of data for invoicing.

tracking project costs
select orders or projects

Define your orders or projects

You can define the job orders or projects on which staff can load the hours in two ways:

  • directly from the system, through a dedicated edit mask for creation or modification of orders / projects.
  • by importing an Excel file containing the list of orders / projects and related information, in case they need to be managed externally

Assign the reporting codes to employees

The authorized managers with role of HR or Director assign to each employee the project code or job orders for the accounting of hours worked, selecting them from a pull-down menu. The employee may enter the hours just on the codes assigned to him. The assignment can be changed at any time by the managers.

assign project codes
Quick reporting

Reporting (timesheet) data can also be used for attendance

The reporting activity, that can be done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, takes very little time to staff who simply inputs the hours corresponding to the activities carried out. The detailed information about projects or contracts is easily accessible to the employees. The system checks the total hours entered against the effectively worked hours. preventing inconsistent data to be saved.

If the company does not use time and attendance systems, the daily reporting can possibly also be used to generate the presence or absence of data to be sent to the office payroll.


The system can send reminders to employees close to the due date for reporting. This way you can ensure that all reporting activities are completed in a timely fashion and that managers can download the complete data.

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labour reporting

Clear and complete accounting reports

Selected time sheet data can be exported in excel format at the level of raw data aimed at off-line processing. It’s also possible to get a report structured as a monthly summary table. The system retains the history of all time-sheets thus allowing to carry out analyzes related to any time period.