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Shift-Assistant, shift management software

Managing shifts has never been easier!

Shift-Assistant is an intelligent and easy-to-use shift software. With a modern, simple and mobile-friendly interface, it allows you to create and solve complex rostering problems, and suggests possible replacements to help you deal with last-minute absences.

Shift management software is indispensable if you need to ensure full shift coverage in all situations. Think hospitals and medical clinics, restaurants and catering, emergency management specialists, call centres, supermarkets, etc. It is also used by manufacturing companies who organise work over several shifts and need to avoid the same people being assigned to repetitive night shifts, ensuring staff rotation.

Shift-Assistant can be used independently, by those who need a shift schedule and already have a convincing staff management solution. Conversely for those who need to track employee attendance, holidays and leave, and the many other features of HR-Assistant you can install Shift-Assistant as an add-on module, ensuring seamless data integration.


With our cloud-based solution, all data is accessible from any device and physical location. What’s more, you don’t need to worry about software installation or maintenance, and you can take advantage of a real-time support service. Don’t waste time studying how it works; we’ll help you prepare and solve your company’s problems.

The troubleshooting engine already allows you to apply numerous constraints and adjust their parameters or scope, such as working hours per day/week/month for each employee, consecutive night shifts, etc. Not enough for you? Tell us your problem, and we will create new constraints tailored to your company.

A tailor-made solution

The interface is designed to be easy to use and smart. You can create as many constraints as you want using the various types provided, require multiple skills and minimum knowledge levels for each employee, assign staff to existing shifts or calculate the best solution with dynamic schedules, etc. You don’t need to do it all yourself: we are here to help you build and solve your business problem. You don’t need to do it all yourself: we are here to help you build and solve your company’s problem. We can also create new types of constraints or customise the system to integrate with your management software.

Fast and powerful

Behind a simple and intelligent interface is an engine for solving problems of considerable complexity, adapted to your needs.

One-click replacements

Unexpected absences can cause huge management problems. With Shift-Assistant employees themselves can check their possible replacements and get in touch with them easily, even from mobile devices.

Online support

We help you to create the most common problems in your company and solve them. You can also write to us via chat or call us and we will provide you with real-time assistance.

Access control

You can control the access level of your employees, to allow only managers to implement changes, or allow employees to propose replacements in case of unexpected absence.

Integrated with personnel management

Do you need to keep track of night hours or on-call time and send the data to your labour consultant? Do you want to manage your employees' holidays and leave or do you need geolocalised online time stamping? HR-Assistant and Shift-Assistant are seamlessly integrated and you can use them together or independently as you wish.

Configurable and scalable

You can create unlimited constraints for employees and shifts, automate the sending of emails with the calculated timetable, filter employees and assignments by location or name, etc. It adapts to the needs of companies of all sizes.