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Skill Inventory and Assessment

The strength of a company lies in the know-how of its people

Precisely identifying all the knowledge and skills of people is essential both to tackle a reorganization phase as to quickly respond to business opportunities. HR-Assistant offers a tool that allows you to build and maintain a structured database related to all the knowledge and skills owned by the employees, that you can query at any time through a powerful search engine.

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Simple and powerful skill inventory and assessment

You can structure your skills in one or more levels, define workgroups or teams and assign them a specific set of skills, enter the assessment data and quickly find the staff with certain skills. A specific layout allows you to get a quick overview of the data.

The definition of the working groups or teams is very useful and simplifies management because the employee who belongs to one or more groups / team gets automatically all the related skills.

You can save time and improve the motivation of the staff allowing them to enter into the system a self-assessment of their skills. The interface is quite friendly and efficient: for each skill of the employee specific group, a score has to be selected in a dropdown list. Giving employees the possibility to eventually enter their self evaluation is important to create a constructive dialogue and to help reaching a shared assessment. Moreover it may be useful also to let unexpected skill areas emerge that could be exploited effectively in the company.

In the skills assessment card it is also possible to enter any certification acquired by the employee and get instant access to the specific document.

Analysis and research of skills

A powerful search function allows you to find quickly all the employees who have a certain set of skills and a grading above the minimum required level. This tool allows you to save time and to quickly respond to requests from technical or commercial functions that have technical  or commercial needs which require resources with particular skills.

Through a view of all the skills present in the company, you can also immediately identify any critical issues (lack of personnel with certain skills), verify the impact on the skills of any staff spills, consider whether to schedule new insertions and / or training courses.

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