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Staff budget

An assistant to calculate and forecast the cost of personnel

Staff costs are one of the most important items in a company’s budget. It is particularly important for management control, which is essential to management. On the other hand, when evaluating staff costs, it is not easy to keep an eye on all the elements, because the expense items are varied and multiple. There are not only direct costs, such as the value of all employees’ salaries, but also expenses related to contributions, severance pay, any travel, training, bonuses, turnover and so on. Plus, in large and/or dynamic companies, many expenses can vary depending on the time of year.

In addition, it is important to be able to forecast future costs as accurately as possible, should you decide to acquire staff, or should you need to take on new projects, with consequent changes in costs and revenues.

This can be done by creating and updating an Excel spreadsheet with many variables and data for each employee. This will certainly result in a superficial, inaccurate or time-consuming assessment.

Configurable cost scenarios

The personnel budget module is designed to be as flexible and configurable as possible and to meet the most diverse needs. For this reason, during the creation of the budget scenarios, it is possible to define different calculation hypotheses, such as assuming new hires and evaluating the impact on future costs, simulating the financial effect of the staff turnover rate, of the planned training courses, taking into account the remuneration policies and the costs of company benefits, etc.. It is possible to make calculations for the whole company or only for specific structures and company offices and to define alarm thresholds for each type of cost. For all these simulations you can set maximum spending limits and request automatic notifications when the thresholds are exceeded.

With the budget module, the cost of personnel for the company has no more secrets. Top management can correctly allocate the necessary resources and HR and managers can identify any problems and correct the course leading to significant and rapid savings.

Easily calculate your staffing budget

All the necessary data is already entered in HR-Assistant, and the automatic loading of pay slips month by month allows you to keep them up to date.

Flexible and configurable system

You can define different calculation hypotheses, dividing the budget by structures or company offices and by type of cost. You can also define maximum spending limits and request automatic notifications when thresholds are exceeded.