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Polls and surveys

Strengths and weaknesses of the team? Assessing the company climate

When an employee leaves a company, the question is often asked why he or she did so. They may have been attracted by a higher salary or a more prestigious position. Often, however, the employee did not feel comfortable in the working environment and did not feel motivated to stay. It is important for HR to be able to assess the organisational and company climate by administering staff motivation surveys. Surveys can be part of the Quality Management Plan.

The HR-Assistant suite offers a powerful and flexible tool for creating anonymous surveys and online questionnaires. You can use it to collect feedback on working environment, training, bosses, pay.

Assessing the effectiveness of training courses

Training courses both create knowledge and skills for staff to improve processes and products and motivate active and demanding employees by giving them the opportunity to grow professionally. It is often preferable to entrust external companies with the implementation of the courses deemed necessary. However, it is advisable not to leave the evaluation of their effectiveness in the hands of the service provider.

The HR-Assistant survey module allows you to create questionnaires, exercises and open- and closed-ended tests with pictures and videos. You can structure surveys according to your needs and automatically obtain statistics, reports and evaluations.