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work engagement

The importance of work engagement, which is the active involvement of human resources in the objectives of the company, and its influence as a success factor for any type of business, are now the subject of careful study, also due to the difficulties which companies are facing and the exasperated cost cuttings which often prevent resorting to traditional forms of incentives.

A Dutch study of 2002 showed that being motivated and involved in their work has a positive effect not only for the company but also for the life development of respondents. This positive attitude, however, if not properly satisfied in their work environment, can be the root cause that drives the employee to leave the company, looking for new challenges in other companies.

Some studies in recent years have analyzed the relationship between work engagement and burnout, or the real form of burnout from work stress. The relationship between these two elements is generally observed according to two points of view. Maslach and Leiter (1997) believe that it is represented as a continuum between two poles. A.Bakker and Demerouti E. (2007) instead see the work engagement as the positive antithesis of burnout. Bakker says that, given the importance of the engagement work for a company, the attention to the optimal route should be further developed to achieve it.

Written by Anna Maria Maggi

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