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Training courses management

With HR-Assistant it's easy to keep course information up to date

Every employer has a duty to provide mandatory health and safety training for its employees. The company must also adapt the skills of its workers to cope with the evolution of technology and the market. HR-Assistant’s training management software makes it easy to track the training performed by each worker and the skills acquired. It also simplifies the management of training courses with significant time savings.

Course Planning

The module enables the planning of training courses, distinguishing between those required by law (e.g. safety courses), those deemed necessary at team level (e.g. courses aimed at providing the minimum skills required in the role) and optional courses of any kind. This makes training planning more effective and management more efficient.

It is possible to specify, for each course, the duration, the eventual deadline (e.g. for safety courses), the calendar of lessons, the course objectives, the teachers, the skills created by the course. It is also possible to manage multiple editions of the same course.

The analysis of employees’ competencies, using the appropriate competency assessment form, can help define the most appropriate courses for each one.

Enrolment and communications

Enrollment in a course is done by selecting from the employee list, or by specifying the teams that are to take the course. With HR-Assistant, you can automate communications by sending a course sheet to all enrolled employees with a single click. The automatically created pdf sheet contains all the information about the content and organization of the course. This saves a lot of time compared to sending the email to all participants manually. Moreover, if the course has to be postponed or undergoes changes, the updated course sheet can be sent with a simple click.

Training Tracking

This can be an easily error-prone task, as it is important to verify the number of participants and the total number of training hours. This is why the training module is designed to verify that the training has been completed. The registration of course attendance can be done by the employees themselves or by the supervisor. In addition, the list of people who have yet to attend the course is automatically updated. For people who could not attend, it may be necessary to provide a new edition of the course. The creation of a new session of a course is facilitated by simply duplicating the course and increasing the edition, then making the necessary changes.

With course management software such as HR-Assistant, tracking and managing training is easy and does not burden HR staff with additional work.


Some jobs and professions require specific certifications: think of the software and data networking industries, for example. Qualifying as a supplier may require certification of operational knowledge and skills. HR-Assistant allows you to keep track of the certifications your staff have acquired and attach documents. In addition, you can summarize all training and evaluation data for each employee using the employee evaluation form.