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Training Courses

With HR-Assistant it’s easy to keep updated the information on training courses

HR-Assistant helps you keep order in the training courses organized by the company. This way you always have the latest information and you can easily schedule new courses taking into account those at which the employees have already participated. You can also allow employees to update information concerning them and express an opinion on the effectiveness of the course.

Course planning

This module allows you to plan the training courses distinguishing between those required by law (eg. safety courses), courses considered necessary at the team level (eg. those aimed at providing the minimum skills for the role), and finally optional courses of any kind.

The people who should participate to the course can be defined by selecting them from the list of employees or alternatively by specifying the groups/teams who have to follow the course, Other information that can be introduced concerns the dates and duration of the courses, the eventual expiration dates (eg. for safety courses ). Finally it’s possible to create easily multiple editions of the same course to take into account different dates and lists of participants,

Registration of the actual course participants

Downstream from the execution of courses you can register on the system the actual participants and the performance results for each participant in order to be able to trace the learning outcome using the skills assessment functionality. The participant registration can be done directly by the employee or his/her supervisor while the evaluation of the results is done by HR.

Control of participation to the courses

The system checks if all the planned participants have attended the course. This is done automatically by cross checking the planned and actual participants and by eventually highlighting the people who have not attended the course, in order to plan a new instance of it. Creating a new instance of a course can be done easily by duplicating it and modifing the date and the edition number.


In some technical fields (eg. software development and data networks) in order to be considered a qualified supplier it is necessary to acquire specific certifications, issued by suppliers or other entities. These certifications attest the actual mastery of specific knowledge and operational capabilities. HR-Assistant helps you to keep track of all the certifications gained by the employees and to retrieve the related documents. The certifications references can be included in the skill assessment sheet (see related page) which summarizes all the employee information related to training and assessment.