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Training Courses

HR-Assistant makes it easy to keep course information up to date

Every company must develop a training plan for its employees in order to respond to the rapidly changing market. Training management software such as HR-Assistant helps you keep information up to date and easily plan new courses taking into account those in which each employee has already participated. You can also allow employees to update information about them and assess the effectiveness of the courses they have attended.

Course planning

The module makes it possible to plan training courses distinguishing between those required by law (e.g. safety courses), those considered necessary at team level (e.g. courses aimed at providing the minimum skills required in the role) and finally optional courses of any type. This makes the planning of training more effective and management more efficient.

It is possible to define the people who must participate in the course by selecting them from the list of employees or by specifying the team(s) that must attend the course, setting the dates and duration, any expiration date (e.g. for safety courses), creating multiple editions of the same course.

The analysis of the employees’ skills gap, which can be obtained through the skills assessment module, can help to define the most appropriate courses for each of them.


Tracking of course participants

The management of the training courses is simple: after the completion of a course you can record the actual participants and the results of the course for each participant in order to track the outcome. The registration of the participation can be carried out by the employee himself or by his supervisor while the evaluation data are responsibility of HR. Each of these operations is carried out online and shared between the figures involved.

Monitoring of course attendance

It can be a complex and easily error-prone task to check the number of participants in a course, the percentage of attendance over the total number of hours scheduled, and to identify the need for a further course edition for those who were unable to attend it. The training courses module allows, in addition to the organization of the training sessions, also the control of the planned training, allowing to list the people who participated in the course compared to those enrolled and highlighting those who have yet to participate. A new instance of the course can then be planned simply by duplicating it.


In certain work and professional areas (e.g. software and data networks), in order to be a qualified supplier it is necessary to obtain certifications from suppliers or other bodies attesting to the effective possession of certain knowledge and operational skills. HR-Assistant allows you to keep track of all the certifications that your staff may have acquired by attaching the relevant documentation. This information can be included on the employee’s assessment sheet which summarizes all data relating to the employee’s training and assessment including certifications.

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