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Travels and Expense reports

Plan your trip

The trip request form helps to collect in an orderly and correct way all the information needed to the people involved in the business process: who has to authorize the trip, the administrative people who need to track the costs, who should take care of any reservations and purchase of travel tickets, who should take care of the reimbursement to the employee of the costs he incurred. Following the suggested scheme, the process is made more efficient and faster, moreover errors can be avoided.

travel management process
travel expenses collection

With HR-Assistant managing travel expenses is easier and more efficient

Upon returning from the trip you can enter on line all the expenses incurred and you can also attach any receipts electronically. In this way there is no need to transfer the paper and the processing time is significantly reduced. Even the administration saves time: in fact, having all the information at hand facilitates the controls.

Tracking of multiple expense items

The cost statement allows to insert different expense items in order to allow analysis aimed at cost optimization. It’s even possible to insert the daily allowance and to distinguish between cash payments, company credit cards payments, payments in foreign currency. Notes fields are available in order to transfer information and clarifications  to the administration.

Using the smartphone you can attach instantly receipts for expenses by taking a picture

You can fill out the expense report even from your smartphone, maybe while you’re waiting for the plane. In this case you can simply attach the receipts of the expenses just by taking a picture of them. So there is no risk of losing them or get confused between the receipts of various trips.

And how much time can be saved! Back in the office you never have to worry about the travel expenses. HR-Assistant has already transferred your expense report to those who can authorize it so the reimbursement will be faster.

taking photo of receipts
travels and expenses

Travel form and expense report are kept linked

Every expense report is automatically combined with the corresponding travel form to simplify access to information and avoid errors.

Discover the opportunities of savings with data analysis

The availability of all spending data in electronic form facilitates controls and allows you to perform analysis aimed at cost optimization as well as the definition of saving policies.

Automatic calculation of expense reimbursement for the employees

Reimboursement due to the employees are automatically calculated and included into the data set to be sent monthly to the labor consultant.

tablet displaying a chart