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Why choose HR-Assistant

HR-Assistant is the only human resources management software specifically designed for SMEs. The only one that does not shy away from special and complex management requirements. The only one that is fully customisable and adaptable to any specific requirement.

Efficiency and savings

In a world like today’s, where time and cost savings and efficiency are essential, it is no longer conceivable not to have a human resources management system.

It is sheer madness to still manage everything manually (perhaps with Excel) or to have detection terminals and data collection software aimed solely at managing attendance/absence.

Automated management

It is really unthinkable to have dedicated staff to manage activities such as holiday requests, travel, overtime or hours worked on projects, when today all this can be fully automated.

How much do activities such as onboarding, health surveillance, access to documentation, personal equipment, welfare or tracking hours worked on projects cost SMEs today?

Why waste time and money when today it is possible, with very little investment, to control all personnel administration and management processes efficiently, automating data entry tasks and manual checks, thus enabling departmental managers and HR managers to quickly and easily access all the information they need, at any time and from anywhere, using a simple internet browser or their smartphone?

Why choose
Business Web Apps

Business Web Apps Ltd created HR-Assistant because it is a software house dedicated to developing efficient solutions for SMEs.
A software house founded in London in order to operate at a European level and to always acquire the most advanced skills and technologies.

A software house with its head office and operations in Italy. A team that is flexible with regard to the requests of companies, and able to quickly create customisations or custom developments.

A software house capable of creating any solution to meet any need, without requiring outlays that are not compatible with the typical budgets of SMEs.

We are therefore opposed to large industrial companies that sell solutions that cannot be modified and that require you to adapt and adjust to them.

HR-Assistant is a professional, modular, integrable and complete solution for all personnel management problems and needs of SMEs.

We are the only software house that provides companies with a 30-day free HR software that can actually be used with all of their employees’ data, as well as providing all the necessary training and support… at no cost. Not a demo, but the actual use of the software for a whole month, in all its functions and without any commitment.

For more information, an interview, a demo or to activate your free trial without obligation, call the toll-free number 800 72 12 93 or click here now.


If you are looking for human resources management software, you are aware that you need effective tools, perhaps because the situation has become difficult to manage…

You are therefore looking for:

The solution is fully customisable and you can choose from the following modules:

Holidays and leaves

Timestamp management

Trips and expense reports

Timesheets and project planning

Shifts and replacements


Company assets management

Training and development

Staff budget, health surveillance, onboarding, polls and much more!

HR-Assistant is the right answer for your specific needs.

Services for SMEs

Continuous support, the security of the cloud system and automatic backups are just some of the distinguishing features that make us so successful and reliable for SMEs.

Free trial with data loading and initial configurations

Free training

Free assistance

Updating data from payrolls

Automatic backups and data security

Software customizations

Integrazioni con altri software

We differ from other solutions on the market by:

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Richiedi DEMO

L’unico software gestionale HR che viene concesso gratuitamente per 30 giorni, per testarlo realmente con tutti i dati dei tuoi dipendenti e con tutta la formazione ed il supporto necessario… a costo zero!”

Per ulteriori informazioni, per richiedere una demo o per l’attivazione della prova gratuita, lascia qui sotto i tuoi dati, senza alcun impegno, e ti contatteremo prima possibile.