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Work attendance software

stamping device and smartphone

Attendance detection

HR-Assistant is able to integrate with existing stamping  devices, in order to acquire timing information from them. Moreover it permits to carry out all the necessary checks and motifications to attendance data.

On line clocking

The software includes a module for the web stamping that can be used in place of stamping with the badge, for example for the personnel who works out of the office. The use is very simple because the employee must only indicate the type of stamping (input or output). The date and time are in fact inserted automatically by the system. It is also available for your smartphone or tablet via a specific app.

Automation of controls

HR-Assistant is able to check the consistency of stampings carried out by staff, whether they are made by badge or online, with the working hours assigned to employees. The system takes also into account holidays and leaves, that are automatically displayed in the employee’s time sheet.

attendance verification module
notification of attendance anomalies

The staff can justify independently stamping anomalies

The software notifies by e-mail to employees the presence of anomalies or stamping problems and allows people to justify themselves the errors. For example, if an employee forgot to clock when he leaves work, he will receive an email notification and can enter online the missing stamping.

Simplifies the verification of attendance and control of working hours

One of the most time-consuming activities for HR staff is the daily verification of personnel attendance. In some organizations it is also necessary to check the respect of the business hours, the control activity is even more onerous.

Whatever the scenario in which your business operates, HR-Assistant is able to make you save a lot of time by automating controls.

attendance detection

Review and approval of attendance data

The system notifies the staff in charge of attendance management that there are tasks to complete. In this way, it ensures that each activity is done and will not be forgotten. For example, if an employee is off sick and has notified the staff of his absence by phone or by email, this one can manually input the information into the system.

modification of attendance data
integration with payroll software

Integration with payroll processing software

The ability to export the attendance data into the payroll processing software is a very important feature that avoids the time-consuming and errors associated with manual data transfer.

HR-Assistant allows you to easily extract data related to the presence of personnel on the basis of the specific needs of the payroll provider. You can also give access to the employment counselor as user of the system, with limited access to information necessary to him, so that he can perform recurring exports data.